The Battle of Betty and Ren Wright books By Q Davis

Betty ren wright was born on June 15, 1927. She lived to be 89 years old. She died on December 31, 2013. She was a children's book author and wrote scary stories. She has two kids, eight grandkids, and ten great grandkids. Betty always wanted to be a writer, even as a young kid. One of her most memorable books, The Dollhouse Murdrers, the two main characters ar based off of two sisters she saw at a bus stop.

Betty Wright has written a lot of books. She has written about 39 books in all. Some of the most memorable are The dollhouse Murders, A Haunted Summer, and Christina's Ghost. She writes mostly mysteries. The first book she wrote was Getting Rid of Marjorie. She always loved writing even as a kid. She used to write short stories in the city newspaper.

Haunted summer is about a girl named Abby that lives out in the country with her parents and her brother David. They lived out peacefully till they get a box with a mysterious music box in it. The music box randomly plays at night sometimes. When their parents need to go out for the weekend they hire a babysitter named Hannah. Hannah was very skittish. Sooner or later, they found out that the music box is haunted. They even saw the girl that it belonged to in the house. They had to find the girls grave and give it to her so all of the haunting can stop.

Christina's ghost is about a girl named Chris that is going to see her grandma. When she gets to her grandmas house, she finds out that she went into the hospital. That means she had to stay with her uncle Ralph, who is a crab. He would rather be alone, and so would she. So she tries to occupy herself in some way when they go to stay in a lake house. But the lake house is haunted. So she tries to solve the mystery of the boy and man that haunt the house while her and her uncle learn how to like each other.

Both books are mysteries about ghost. Also both main characters are girls that have a sorta rude male relative. The also both have young ghosts. But they take place in different places. They also don't have uncles or babysitters. Chris is more of a tomboy, while Abby isn't.

I feel like Betty's work hasn't changed much besides the fact that she kept up with how things work now versus how they used to work. Lots of the themes are not like how you think they would be. She was not afraid to write about gender roles and how you don't have to follow them. The authors life isn't greatly affected on her work.

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