It gives Anthony Marston... Form AND THEN THERE WERE NONE BY AGATHA CHRISTIE BY jason rosu


Cars bring Anthony joy because he likes to show off. He also likes to go really fast. He likes to keep his car very pretty.
Parties bring joy to Anthony. He likes to party and to drink. He is young and wild. He enjoys dancing with people.
Money brings joy to Anthony. He likes money because he can buy things. He likes to drink and drive fast and he gets these things with money.


Cars give Anthony pride. He likes to show off his car. He likes to drive very fast and is not careful when driving
Being handsome brings pride to Anthony. He likes to get girls. He likes to show other people how handsome he is.
Money also gives pride to Anthony. He likes to buy things and to show off the things he buys . He shows other people how much money he as.


Money gives Anthony hope. He likes to think that he will never need a job. He likes to base his whole life on the money he as.
Drinking brings Anthony hope. He likes to drink his pain away. He likes to drink so he does not have to think about his problems.
Women bring Anthony hope. He like to party with them. He likes to show off how handsome he is. He likes women.


Death brings pause to Anthony. He thinks of when he might die. He does not think of death when he is driving fast. He only wants to live wild.
A job might pause Anthony. He might have to think of what he might do. He thinks of all the money he can make with a job.
Murder might pause Anthony. He might think of the kids he ran over. He might think of what will happen if he gets exposed.
Created By
Jason Rosu


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