Most Common Computer/ Laptop Errors and their Troubleshooting Tips Best Computer Tech Support

Common Computer Problems and Solutions

Computer and Laptops are the most common gadgets we all have without which our daily life is not complete. If you have computer or laptop then there are most probably the problems you can faced using them. Here through this article I am going to share top most common computer errors and their troubleshooting tips do it yourself. If still you face the problems then I have some of the third party customer care who provides toll free numbers for best computer tech support to help the users.

1. Foremost you can try old but gold method- Shut-down and Start Again: This is the most common and quick solution which you can go for sometimes, it helps you a lot as this helps your computer or laptop to take rest and to start once again which can stop unnecessary processes that were running earlier. But before doing it make it very sure that your OS (Operating System) is fully updated. If you will not check this it could be possible that it will not resolve the performance. If we talk about problems with peripheral then you can try to switch on and off or try disconnecting and then again connecting, if not successful then try downloading the drivers and reinstalling them. If still facing any problem go to best computer support for further help.

2. When Your Computer is too Slow: Every time you plays a video or going to open any file on your system it slows down. Internet is not the reason every time. It might be your system is slow due to overloaded space or you can say that you overstuffed space in C drives because Windows OS requires space to run any program. So, clean up it take a step ahead.

There is another reason when some of the programs starts-up at the time of windows start. So it’s a better idea to stop this. Press Windows Button + R, type msconfig & enter. Go to the Startup tab. Disable the applications which you know are killing the performance but be careful never ever disable Microsoft Corporation listed program. Disable only those which you are sure about otherwise leave that. Now Apply, Click Ok and Restart the computer. If not clear to you then you can dial a toll free number for best computer support number.

3. Keeps on Restarting by itself: Make sure if your Windows OS is updating as it will keep on restarting. If downloading and installation of the drivers and all the windows update have been done completely it will stop by their own. But if it’s not like that then there is possibility that your computer or laptop is infected with virus or it can be due to overheating apart from this it can be adware which is causing this issue. If your machine is old and making weird noises then it requires to be cleaned up thoroughly. Modern machines has quality to shut down your machine and restart it by own.

4. Unnecessary ads appearing on the desktop or Google shows Fake Queries: These are the most common problems when your systems affected by malware, antivirus, etc. and results in appearing ads. So, download a best antivirus and run a full scan. Remove the affected programs. Point to be noted that never install two anti-virus programs in a single machine as they both will act as virus for each other and can harm your system badly. Similarly if you search something on Google and it redirects you to the other results then it is clear that your browser has been hijacked. Now uninstall the browser, run CCleaner and then run the antivirus program. If still persist problems then you can call antivirus tech support to help you in better way.

5. My Wi-Fi disconnecting on My PC: Core reason when Wi-Fi continuously connecting or disconnecting that your router is having weak signals and it can also be the possibility that wifi drivers are not updated at all. Check them and try to trouble shoot it. To do the same right click on the icon of Wi-Fi, if still facing the same problem then you will have to take help of free and best computer tech services.

6. My Printer won't Print Properly: Let us check the things again we were discussing above, check for the latest drivers of printer has been updated or not. All the required things like toner, ink, enough papers are there or not. Try to off your printer and then on. In the tray icon double click the printer icon and check for the queue of prints. Make it sure that you are not working in offline mode. Uncheck “Use Printer Offline”. Still facing the problem then next step is to take help from the Printer Tech Support. Like if you have HP printer then Call Support for HP Printer, Espon Printer Tech Support, etc.

7. When the program doesn’t work on your system: If you will try to run a program on 32 bit supported machine but the program is for 64 bit. It must be like the proper plug-in has not been installed on browser if your any program is not running on browser like for video to play you need to have flash player plug-in installed.

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