Describe the main Character(s).

Mark Watney is the only main character in the book. The majority of the book is focused on Mars and he's the only person on Mars. The only thing that he's trying to in the book is to survive. His past has prepared him for this because in college he studied to be a botanist, and if he hadn't studied for that then he wouldn't have been able to grow plants to live. I like how he was able to survive even though he was stabbed, starved, and blown up. The person that he reminds me of Harrison Odjegba Okene

Are the main characters dynamic?

I don't think that he's very dynamic. He hardly changes at all from the begging to the end. At the begging he sarcastic and arrogant, and even when he is being saved by the people working at NASA he is still being sarcastic to them. During the entire book he thinks that the world revolves around him.

Is the ending satisfying?

I thought the ending was good. It was suspenseful, and several times it seemed like he wasn't going to make it. I think that's what makes stories good, when it's not easy for the character to make it to the end.

Talk about the books structure

I think that the story is one big story, It only shifts view a couple times to talk about the people trying to rescue him. The story is chronological, so it doesn't move from the past to the present. It is mostly focused on Mark Watney, but the other characters that the story is on are Teddy Sanders, (the director of NASA), Vincent Kapoor (leader of the Mars mission), and Mindy Park (the one who found he was still alive). I think that the story was focused on him because the author wanted to make the story more interesting so he told it on Mars.

If you could ask the author a question what would you ask?

I would ask him how long it took him to find out all the math. Or if all the math is accurate, because in the book, a lot of it is explaining how he's doing what he's doing.

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