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MARCH 2019



Students prepared short presentations about there crops which will be grown in our raised school beds

Project pupils painted the raised beds by themselves

they also used hoes, spades and rakes for preparation of the place where the raised beds will be placed

filling the beds with bottles and gravel

Slovak students with their teachers also tided their school garden, school atrium after winter

Beds for lavenders and their planting

Pupils who took part in the first short - term exchange of the groups of the pupils prepared short presentations about their memories from Spain to express their feelings and experiences and share them to other classmates



March was a month full of activities in Spanish school! March is an important month here in Valencia, because of their Fallas. Apart from this the Spanish had to get back to reality after the first Mobility in February and, of course, get to work again!

Students divided themselves into different teams with two different aims: looking for the raised beds (different possibilities, prices, if they bought them already built or made them ourselves....) Finally they have decided to ask for some help to an expert, but they will work on the final details of them!

And the second team was aimed at deciding what to sow. Because of this they started an activity called “Season vegetables wheel”. Valencia is a good area to sow and plant vegetables, but students wanted to be absolutely conscious of what was better in this season. Furthermore, with their wheel, they could show their classmates and schoolmates the importance of consuming in-season food.

Season vegetable wheel

Another group was devoted to think in the recipes’ book. After deciding their season vegetables, they worked with Adobe to show their recipes, such as “Scrambled eggs with spring garlic”

Recipes presentations

They have also recorded a video showing their work to the classmates. They were astonished by all the things they were doing!

Finally, SenseBox is starting to work…They could try it, but until they don’t have their raised beds they can’t set it completely.

At the end of March they have been able to enjoy many changes in their school garden, lead by 5th of Primary.


Building the seed beds

The German team spent much time with building and preparing the seed beds in the school garden. They build everything themselves.

In the pictures you can see the different layers. As everything should be organic, the bottom layer was made up of branches and twigs, followed by a layer of topsoil, compost and “organic” substrate.

And - first tests with the Brinno camera: Results coming soon

The students created a short slideshow about the first mobility and create a presentation and garden activity for a school party on 4th April. More about this in the April’s newsletter.

Stadtradeln 2019

The students help preparing the school’s participation in a cycling event/competition where all people and institutions of the municipality cycle for saving the climate (see sticker- white rose is the logo of our school). The German plan to win ;-)

Several presentations abouts plants, climate and the logal agriculture are under construction, but not finished yet. A 360* video presentation about the school garden will follow soon.

Coding workshop

Three girls with their teacher of the Erasmus+- team attended a weekend coding workshop for girls and women only, where they learned how to use open data and how to transfer and visualize data into easy understandable or even funny graphics or audios. The moderator of the workshop was Patricia Ennenbach, she is a web journalist for the German channel WDR and developped e.g. “Programmieren mit der Maus”

Coding workshop

“Sendung mit der Maus” is maybe the most famous kids’ program in Germany.

The coding they did was for adults and they used Python.



Students wrote data sheets of the vegetables they had decided to grow and translate them into English

Students also wrote messages or what they liked or disliked about their experiences in Valencia

The they posted them on Twinspace, part Forum

Students made short presentation about the vegetable they’re going to sow

and started to sow seeds of chosen crops and agreed who will take care of them till the harvests

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