All About Sports Broadcasters By Brady Phillips

All 4 of these pictures are sports broadcasters, some are at the studio, some are at the stadium, but they're all sports broadcasters.

If you are ever watching a sports game, you will hear someone announcing the game. That person is a Sports Broadcaster. Sports broadcasters have a very important job, they have to broadcast the game live to people listening on the radio, or watching on their TV at home, either way they have a lot of pressure under them. There are lots of mistakes on the mic, they might say the wrong team, or announce the wrong score, but they're under so much pressure to perform. One thing they do is call sports games. They need some qualities which include: Speak english, Knowledge, Basic skills, problem solving, Special abilities. They also need 4 skills to be successful which are: Basic skills, Talking to others, Problem solving, Noticing and figuring out a problem. They have a work environment, they could be announcing it anywhere but it will still be in a sports booth to broadcast the game live to people at home or listening on the radio. They're length of education is 4 years of college, and they have a license including of a bachelors degree. Although they have to travel to other cities for the games and they are doing a very job, they only get payed $30,960 a year. The video below is being published by the Broadcasters Mentoring Group (BMG) and it's all about sports broadcasting.

Smart Goals

I will become a sports broadcaster by the time I am 30. (Long term goal)

1.) I will broadcast sports when I grow up.

2.) I will announce hockey games for NBC when I am 35.

3.) I will broadcast the Super Bowl when I am 25.

4.) I will announce for my favorite sports team when I grow up.

5.) I will be the radio announcer for my favorite sports team when I am 32.


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