Glitz Newsletter 'Wedding Special'

March 2017- 3rd Issue

Wedding Season

With the wedding season which just passed this winter, we are featuring our 'Wedding Season Special' this month. Be sure to share your look with us on our facebook page at a wedding you may have attended:

Wedding Special Edition

Mehendi of Farah Zahid & Shahryar Iftikhar Saigol at The Courtyard, Karachi

Vibrant colors and music, intricate clothes, finely coiffured hair and beautiful make-up is what comes to mind when one thinks of weddings. Of course, no 'shadi' is complete without bangles, rose petals and sweets amongst other things. The details that go into a well planned wedding are endless. This time it was all about the 'Lehenga Choli' at Mehndis. Our Glitter bride, Model and Teacher, Farah Zahid who just got married can also be seen here wearing a beautiful Lehenga Choli which is the latest in-thing now. The hair-do is an integral part of the look. These days 'Kashees' is the right place to get your hair done in Karachi. Romantic and big hairstyles are here to stay.

Beauty care before the big day: Lots of girls have no idea when to get a Facial before their wedding. Some have it done hardly a day before the event. That is very risky! Besides giving a wonderful glow to your skin and looking great even without make up, a facial also thoroughly cleanses your skin, after which I never advise anyone to apply make-up on the same day because the pores are not completely closed by then. Ideally, you should have your facial done at least four days to a week before. We hear a lot of brides that complain about pimples after their wedding (make-up) day and this is one of the reasons-they had a facial just a day before and hadn't allowed their skin enough time to close the pores before applying so much heavy make up for hours and hours. Another problem that is eliminated is that incase you do react to some substance or develop an allergy, you will have sufficient time for it to heal before your wedding day. I hear of so many brides who went for a treatment a day before their wedding, reacted to a wax treatment and ended up with a swollen face which no amount of make up could hide on her wedding. That is why I advise to get all your treatments a week before your event, so you get all the benefits and recovery from any mishaps that could have happened. Plus your skin will remain clear even after all that make up on your big day.

Another style which is quite in with bidal wear are delicate 'cut works'. We also see a trend of wearing beautiful western gowns in one of the events. A 'flowing' trail of the dress fills the aisle as the bride walks with the groom to their stage to be seated.

Beautiful gown
Syed Fazal Hussain's Wedding
The Kashee's Mehndi Craze

White Henna is also quite in fashion not only in the east but also in western countries where most stars are getting it done. It's basically a white liquid that stays on like a temporary tatto and eventually scrubs off.

Featured Product of the Month:

The Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator

The Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator is a gentle cleansing exfoliator to be used anytime your skin needs to look fresh, whether after removing your make up or anytime during the day. Very good for normal to combination skin and slightly dry skin.

Intellectual's Edge

by Zahid Islam

"Some Expressive Words and Idioms"

Although it is always advisable to be brief and concise while writing a post, there are times when your work will take an appealing color if it is found interspersed with some expressive words and idioms. Readers and listeners also tend to become somewhat impressed even if they do not have a clue about what the word or phrase means. One of Pakistan's most popular cricket commentators always uses the phrase 'at sixes and sevens' while describing batsmen who are not comfortable at the crease and finding runs difficult to score. Do you know what the phrase means? (The commentator is trying to say that the batsman is totally bewildered and confused).

Many years ago I remember using the word 'babbittry' while describing the smugness and supercilious attitude and behavior of a particular community that happened to be our hosts. I was surprised when my western colleague asked me what the word meant. I told him to read Sinclair Lewis' novel-cum-satire "Babbitt' (1922) and he would immediately understand the meaning of the word. Although Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win the Nobel prize for literature in 1930, this colleague of mine had never heard his name. The incident I am referring to took place in 1997 when the facilities now provided by Google or YouTube did not exist, so I found him muttering to himself "who is Sinclair Lewis" again and again till I explained the significance of the novel that had brought the name of its chief character into both English and American dictionaries. Similarly, I am sure many of you may have watched the 2013 movie 'Walter Mitty' with Ben Stiller in the title role, but are you aware that the title is now a part of every dictionary of idioms because of the popularity of the short story written by James Thurber in 1939 under the title 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'? The name has become synonymous with all day-dreamers, those who would aspire to be a hero in the mold of the fictional Spiderman but are actually afraid of spiders in real life.

Here are some words and idioms that you will find very useful:

1) tin-god: a self-important and small minded person.

(Some of our government bureaucrats behave like tin-gods).

2) under wraps: concealed or secret.

(Let us keep this rumor under wraps for the time being).

3) peremptory: dictatorial; tolerating no opposition.

(The peremptory stance of some of our political leaders really surprises me).

4) also-ran: a loser or a failure.

(He is such a bad speaker that he usually finds himself among the also-rans).

5) internecine: mutually destructive. (There appears to be a constant internecine quarrel between the opposition leaders in this town).

6) ring hollow: sound insincere; unbelievable.

(His flattery usually rings hollow and nobody takes him seriously).

7) throw a tantrum: become very angry.

(My uncle always throws a tantrum whenever his favorite cricket team loses a match).

To conclude, I can do no better than repeat the following anonymous quotation which is the best that I have come across in many years: "I don't regret the things I've done. I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance."

By Zahid Islam

Introducing The Turkish Facial at Glitter Beauty Solutions straight from Turkey! We use Turkish clay mud which clears all impurities on skin and oils that are gentle and healing towards your skin. For Oily/ combination and mild dry skin types

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Juggernaut Productions has just done their latest coverage of the international clothing apparel brand Carhart WIP which is a well known Europe based American company.

Carhart WIP

Carhart WIP will be opeing their first branch soon here in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia. Check out The Juggernaut's latest work


Intellectual's Edge: Zahid Islam

Photography Credits: Juggernaut

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