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John Locke lived in the United Kingdom during the 17th century. Locke believed that people could learn from experience and improve themselves. He believed that everyone should have a say in how they're being governed. He wanted self-government and did not agree with absolute monarchy. He believed that the government should be required to give people their three natural rights - life, liberty, and property. According to Locke, all men were by nature free and equal.

Impact of ideas on society

Many of Locke's ideas left a big impact on society. For example, his ideas influenced the constitution, which we still live by today. He believed all men were created equal and all men should have a say in their government. The idea of all men being equal and being involved in government still live on to this day. His idea of natural rights - life, liberty, and property have also made an impact on society. These ideas were put into the Deceleration of Independence. His ideas of equality brought the world into another perspective and in many ways, he has shaped the world we live in today.

Traditional Beliefs in Society

Before Locke was determined in fighting for the development of liberalism, people were not open to new ideas. Before he expressed his ideas, many people believed that we should have no say in our government. In today's society, the idea of everyone being equal and having a say in our government is totally normal. John Locke has made a huge impact on the beliefs of today's people. Without him, the world we're living in right now would be very different.

Quote of Wisdom

In my opinion, this quote means that everyone has the right to themselves. No body else has the right to control you. You are your own person and your own property. I think when John Locke stated this quote, he was speaking about slaves. He believed everyone was equal and no one had the right to enslave, buy, or sell another man.

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