Make Diet Disappear Jane Smoltz

One in five people in the United States drink Diet Soda everyday. This is putting their bodies at risk of obesity and diabetes so why are millions of people drinking it?

Soda companies are labeling many of their drinks as Diet Soda, because of its lack of sugar and calories. Many people associate diets with being ways of losing weight and trying to stay healthy, but that isn't true with diet soda. The artificial sugars are leading to weight gain and risks of diabetes, but people keep drinking it because it has no real “sugar”. The soda industry is misleading many people into drinking more soda, from their so called “dietary products”. People don't know any better and think diet soda is healthier because it's called Diet and the names of these products must be changed.

Weight loss is a known fact with dieting. However, drinking Diet soda on a daily basis can increase someone's risk of becoming obese by 65%. The Diet sodas have an opposite effect on weight than most people would assume. People are believing that diet soda doesn't have any consequences. They eat more sugary foods then they should because ‘the diet soda doesn't count' towards their daily sugar intake. The misbeliefs about Diet Soda are allowing people eat more unhealthy foods throughout the day. The Diet printed on the labels of sodas, makes people believe there are more health benefits than regular soda, but the artificial sugars in diet sodas, says otherwise.

The Nutriton facts of Diet and regular Coke.

Diet sodas have no sugar, but the soda is still very sweet. Soda companies put in artificial sweeteners that sweetens up the soda 200-600 times greater than regular soda. Soda companies use these so that people who don't drink sugar will still drink their products. Sugar free doesn't mean it is healthy, even though that is what soda companies are trying to convince. These artificial sweeteners confuse and mess up the brains sweet sensors. The body is preparing for an influx of calories and sugar but receives these fake sugars that brain doesn't know what to do with. This will disrupt the the rate at which the brain process sugars. The increase in different sugars, the more time the brain needs to spend inspecting. The brain is having a difficult time determining what sugars are natural and which are fake. More artificial sugars will cause unusual appetites since the brain is having trouble preceding all the food. People will remain hungry for longer and eat more food than they should.

All of these health problems leads back to Diet Products. People think they are healthier yet there weight and blood levels are rising. When soda companies market a drink as diet it makes it seem better than a regular soda. Everyone knows how harmful those can be, because of the massive amounts of sugar in of a regular soda, which is usually 24 grams. Since Diet Sodas don't have sugar people believe that the health problems associated with regular soda, like diabetes don't apply anymore. This is very far from true.

The artificial sugars make the body prepare for insulin levels to rise, just like sugar from regular soda. However, when the fake sugars enter the body, the stomach has trouble digesting these new and strange sugars. The fake sugars can cause a decrease in digestion and causes someone to gain weight from the unbroken food in their body. The body was prepared for the increase of insulin, so when someone eats a donut, or something with real sugar, insulin will rise faster. More sugar will go to the bloodstream since the body was already prepped from having a diet soda go through the system. This is why someone who drinks diet Soda will have a 67% chance of gaining type two diabetes.

Tab is a type of diet soda, manufacture by Coca Cola. These are all the hidden artificial sweeteners in diet Sodas.

Soda companies only care about gaining more consumers and believe they aren't technically doing anything wrong by labeling their drinks as diet. Thus happens in many businesses, where they escape the real facts and say things that appeal to the customers. So why do soda companies have to change their name if everyone she is doing the same? The soda companies are being very stubborn and don't want to change their name, since they are recent profits from lying to their customers.

If the soda companies change the name of the diet products to “sugar free soda”, it wouldn't mislead has many people. Diets are associated with healthy but that isn't true with soda. The diet sodas don't have sugar and changing the name makes the companies be more truthful their customers.

The longer the word diets stays, the more people are going to be lied to. Putting a word that means a positive change in relation to a soda, causes many people their health. The amount of people with type two diabetes in our country is rising and diet sodas are to blame. More people are drinking these sodas and inhaling all of these artificial sugars. If people knew the real Nutrition facts diet soda, it would seem less appealing. Soda companies are so good at manipulating people by how they market their products. Stop letting Soda Companies put your health at risk for their benefit.


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