Nero: The Man Who Did Everything Wrong. By: brynn benham, meghan twining, kendra Logan

Nero was a terrible man that loved torturing and killing people. The emperor before him was Claudius. Nero did not learn from what previous rulers had done, for he had ruled by causing fear.

A story had arose that Nero had started a fire throughout Rome. The story says that he played a fiddle and laughed as the city burned.

Whether Nero was actually playing the fiddle, or not, he did burn down the city of Rome. He made a devastating fire.

Nero did more than just burn the city, he also killed his mother and many innocent Christians. Which drove him further and further into madness.

Nero learned how to kill at very young age from his mother. She had killed Claudius, Nero's stepfather and uncle, and Claudius's only son, his main rival. This made Nero's entire family insane.

This made Nero insane. it drove him crazy so he ran to the country side and killed himself.

You don't need to be a terrible person.


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