Tremendous Storms By: Marquise Allen

Thunderstorms happen often, and it generates lightning and thunder.

The three stages to thunderstorm formation in order are the 1. Cumulus stage, 2. Mature stage, 3. Dissipating stage. Thunderstorms usually don't last longer than 1-2 hours.

Tornadoes are violent windstorms that form a vortex

They start off as thunderstorms, and they cannot be predicted. A vortex is a rotating ball of air that comes from a large cloud. The tornado formation in order is: 1. A thunderstorm begins and the warm air rises, 2. The warm air starts to rotate, 3. Air begins to roll creating a vortex. When the warm air rotates it's called a mesocyclone.

Hurricanes are the most violent storm of the three. A hurricane is a storm that starts over water.

Hurricanes are also called typhoons and cyclone in other parts of the world. Hurricanes don't really happen often, just about 85 worldwide and 5 in the U.S. The hurricane formation is 1. Begins as a bunch of thunderstorms, 2. Warm air from storms moves to the center and rises creating clouds, 3. Clouds form a ring called an eye wall, 4. The ring spins and grows, 5. The storm dies once it goes far into land. This storm last from anywhere from weeks to months.

Created By
Marquise Allen


Created with images by snowpeak - "Lightning" • Accretion Disc - "Thunderstorm" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054" • skeeze - "hurricane frances international space station"

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