Being 15 in Argentina By Kevin Kaster 3rd

Argentina is a large country in South America. I has a population of about 42 million people. It was founded in 1816. Argentina is the eighth largest country.

Argentina is not ordinary yet free because of the school system and all the activities that can be done.

Students in Argentina have a peculiar school system yet it works out. Balancing school and social life must be a challenge there. "Schools are different. Teachers move to classes instead of the other way. Students are together from k-12. Kids are not more advanced than other. The best schools are private Catholic schools (Kaster)". Teens in Argentina have it a little differently than kid here. They are always together from the first day of school to their last. They must have a difficult time balancing school and their social life.

Argentinas history goes back a long way. Even though Argentina is a little younger than the US they have brought in a rich culture from all over south america and also the world. "Everyone in Argentina enjoys soccer, food, drinks, and most importantly their family (Kaster)." Culture in every country shapes the people in it. In Argentina the people enjoy soccer, food, drinks, and their families.

Argentina is such a diverse country that everyone should know. Their education system and their school system are not ordinary but free for many reasons but most importantly their education system and the infinite things to do there.

I think that being 15 in Argentina would be very different from life here in the U.S. I don't really see how it could be easy to be in the same class as your friends from kindergarten to 12th grade. I would get very tired of the people around me. But I do think that is very cool how Argentina also takes pride in their sports, food, and just their culture in general kind of like we do. Even though Argentina and the U.S. seem very different in ways it is very cool how we can find similarities in our two countries.


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