A Long Way Gone By Stella Adams and Annmarie

The countries that border Sierra Leone are Guinea and Liberia. Sierra Leone is also bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean. The natural resources Sierra Leone provides are diamonds, gold, iron, and other minerals. The government is a republic with an executive president, a multiparty democracy and a unicameral parliament.


The UN was for the children being rehabilitated and they wanted to help them.

The war was started by the RUF when they overthrew the government of Sierra Leone. In this war, many children were forced to fight on one side or another. There were many drugs and bad things going on, which was not a good example. The army commanders led the children to believe that they had magic powers to protect them, which got the children to fight.

To help stop problems, the UN wrote a book about the impact of war on children. UNICEF made a speech on the rights of children. The UN Security Council also banned the exports from Sierra Leone on diamonds.

The RUF stands for Revolutionary United Front. It was a rebel army that overthrew the Sierra Leoneon government in 1991. They started the civil war.They recruited child soldiers and threatened their lives.

Ishmael is 36 years old now. He went to Oberlin College. Ishmael wrote in the sequence of events that things happened, he would just write everything down that he could remember. This helped him remember even more. Music helped him get through everything and he was really interested in music.

Other countries that are using children for military purposes are Liberia, Congo, Sudan, and Srilanka.

What we learned from the videos: There were drugs being dealt

Children as young as 8 were fighting

Many girls were raped while the boys went off to fight

Children were drugged which made them “want” to fight.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A map of the coast and country about Sierra Lione and Sherbro River" • markusspiske - "globe africa europe"

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