Topento branding process

the problem

While researching various lunch box competitors and looking at preferences among users, three main issues arose:

1. Most lunch boxes do not offer any kind of insulation to keep food hot/cold.

2. Lunch boxes end up causing more waste than needed with plastic wrappings and foil, all which eventually end up in our landfills and oceans.

3. Most lunch boxes are not dishwasher friendly; or if they are, they take up too much space in the wash making it cumbersome.

4. Often, packing meals is too difficult for the average person’s lifestyle making them opt for choices that are less healthy and less affordable in the long run.

the solution

The Topento box is designed to keep food insulated, assuring it stays hot/cold for hours. This is done with kitchen grade stainless steel and an insulated, sealable lid.

The inside of the box is interchangeable to fit whatever may need to go in the box and inspire the customer’s creativity while promoting healthier, and more environmentally friendly lunch choices.

The Topento box breaks down into compartments, and is easy to take apart and put together again. This makes it extremely dishwasher friendly, saving time, energy, and water.

first batch of renders!

logo process



digital roughs

Refining the Colors!

brand guidelines


The logo mark of Topento is fun and pays homage to it’s Japanese and Chinese culture inspired roots. The mark is intended to be fun and invoke a sense of creativity and individuality. The individual parts of the logo make up the whole mark, just like the individual and separate parts of the Topento box make up the complete lunch box. The brand is meant to be used in a fun, playful way that will get it’s customers and followers excited about the product and the brand.

logo alternates

Each part of the complete Topento logo is optional and can change, according to what it needs to be displayed on. The mark is versatile and customizable, just like the actual Topento box.

other varations

The icon system is interchangeable throughout the brand. Any of these icons may be used in the general branding of topento to express it’s unique customization characteristics

This prevents the overall logo from being a stagnant mark, but rather one that is interchangeable and matches the concept of an interchangeable lunch box.

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Created By
Abby Broekhuizen

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