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My Daily Writing Prompts:

Alice and Fran

Alice hated her mother Fran who had a giant Afro. With her big bushy hair she would hide stuff from Alice in it. Alice thought that all of her things went missing, but no. Her mother had them in her hair the whole time. Eventually Alice was sick and tired of seeing her nice expensive things get lost. So she called the police while her mother was walking there dog sparky. When the police got to the house they wrote down all of the things that went missing. The police were on a look out around the neighborhood and noticed a woman walking her dog with a big afro drop a lot of stuff on the street. They were curious because it was all coming out of her hair. All of the things that were on the polices checklist's she dropped. They arrested Fran and took her to Alice's house not knowing that it was Alice's mother. Alice explained to the police that she was her mother so they didn't bring her to jail. "Mom next time you want to borrow my things just ask." Said Alice. Fran nodded and they lived happily ever after.

My 100 word Stories:

The trip

I woke up in the middle of the night and I can't sleep. All I can hear are the crickets chirping around my tent and the noises of animals in the trees. I got out of my tent and woke up my friend. It turns out we both couldn't sleep so we went for a walk. It was pitch black and we didn't have flashlights. My friend said he knew a path so I followed him. “Where exactly are we going?.” I asked. I didn't get a reply. The next thing I know is a sharp pain and total blackness.

My Short Stories

The Monitor

“Bye Kevin, have fun on your business trip.” said a middle aged woman while holding a baby.

“Bye” a man said closing the door with a handful of luggage.

The baby made a quiet cry while in his mother's arms.

“Let's get you dressed so we can go to daycare.” The mother said in a hurry.

She grabbed the diaper bag, and put her baby in the carriage and went outside. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining right through the clouds. The sky was the bluest of blues and the grass couldn't be greener. The daycare was only five minutes from her house so she walked to the daycare and dropped off her baby. Usually her husband takes her baby to daycare but she had to do it because he went on a business trip. On her way back to her house she noticed a shady figure wearing all black behind her. She thought it was nothing and kept walking. When she got back to her house she headed to work. On her way to work she saw the same shady figure pass her heading were she just left. Maybe it's just a coincidence she thought and kept driving. Later that night she picked up her baby from daycare and grabbed some Chinese food on the way home. Once she got home, she heated up a bottle and tucked her baby into the crib.

“Good night my sweet angel see you in the morning.” The woman said kissing her baby on the cheek.

She quietly crept out of the door and back into the kitchen. The house was too quiet since it was just her, she got a little scared because she is never alone with just herself and the baby. Instead of scaring herself too much she decided to go to bed. She wrapped up her food nice and tight and put it in the fridge. What really scared her was all of the creeks and sounds that the house made. They almost sound like footsteps she thought to herself. She went into her bedroom and got changed for bed. Just as she was about to fall asleep she forgot to set up the baby monitors. She got up and grabbed the monitors from her draw and turned them both on. She crept into her baby's room one last time and put the monitor right on top of the dresser so you could see the baby nice and clear. She went back to her room and put the other monitor right next to her on her night stand so she could hear the baby in the the middle of the night if he woke up. She fell into a deep sleep.

It was about 2 o'clock in the morning and she woke up to a baby crying over the monitor. She didn't bother getting up, just to see if the baby would go back to sleep on his own. She looked over at her monitor and noticed that it had been covered by something. A stuffed animal must have fell on it. She did put the monitor right next to one of the baby's stuffed animals. The baby didn't stop crying so she decided to get up. Right as she was lifting her heavy white covers off her legs there was a deep voice that spoke. “It's ok baby I've got you”. She froze. Who is in my house she thought. Her heart was racing her mind was thinking of all of the possible things that could happen. She ran to the door and listened to see if anyone was out there. It couldn't have been her husband, he was still on the plane. She grabbed her phone and right as she dialed 911 her baby's screamed. She grabbed the door handle and yanked it as hard as she could, but it wouldn't open. She tried so hard pushing and pulling at the door. It was locked and she was helpless. She started crying and yelling on the top of her lungs.


Then there was silence. She couldn't believe it, she knew her baby was dead. There was no sound at all, she tried to stay as quiet as she could so she would not be found. She moved quietly to the other side of the room and grabbed her phone. She looked terrified.

“This can't be happening to me.” She said wiping her tears off her cheek.

Her phone was dead, she forgot to charge it.

She had to get to the living room and get the home phone. What if he was out there, what if he got her too. She was in a panick. She had to open the door to get out. All she could think of was what would happen to her. She finally got the door open and peeked her head through. She pulled the door and ran to the living room, she grabbed the phone and dialed 911.

“HELP, HELP ME.” She said yelling into the phone.

She looked at the wire that attaches the phone and the rotary dial and it was cut in half. She couldn't believe her eyes, this was it she thought. She is going to die. She ran to the front door screaming. The front door was locked and she heard someone behind her. She grabbed the pair of chopsticks that she left out from her Chinese food for defense. Stumbling she turned around and looked in awe. The man in her hallway was the shady man all in black that she saw dropping her baby off at daycare. Her hands were shaking and her heart was out of her chest. He slowly lifted his head to reveal his haunting face. With one glance she was terrified. “Keven?”.

My slam poem


It's what you look like.

Not your personality.

It's if you're pretty.

If you're skinny or if you're fat.

People shouldn't judge you for your looks.

They should like you for who you are on the inside.

Everyone has something that they don't like about themselves.

I guess nothing else matters besides the way you look in society these days.

On the streets or in a classroom people start to assume that your mean.

Or just because you dress a certain way you're weird.

They don't truly know who you are until you start to talk to them.

That's why people have insecurities.

That's why people are too scared to walk in the hallways.

They think everyone is looking at them or talking about them.

People should feel comfortable in their own skin.

They should be able to walk down the hallway with confidence.

I know we have all done it.

Judged someone by their looks.

What a world we live in.

My comic

My play

This is the video of my play!


These three pieces of writing are very different from each other. I picked these three to represent me because I don't have one style of writing. I have many different styles of writing I like to do. I like to write funny stories, mystery and even scary stories. I like to have different choices of writing because I can write about more things. You can be creative in each style.

When I first began creative writing it was very fun! I like creative writing because you have so much freedom of what you get to write about, you don't have to write about one specific topic. You also do many fun challenges to do in class that are always fun. I like how we have time to write our stories in class and not at home. I focused much better in school than at home. I think that this course isn't easy but it isn't hard. It's always fun getting to write about different topics and making up your own characters.

Reflection part 2:

These three pieces of writing represent me as an artist because some of them are more mature and some of the pieces are very funny and silly. I like to write a lot of different stories and genres. Like plays, comics and poetry. These three pieces show that.

My experience in creative writing was so fun! I wrote a viarity of stories, including comics and plays. I am so sad that this is coming to an end and I am going to miss it a lot. I like how you set up a film festival and how you turned your classroom into a cafe, this made the experience a whole lot better. I like how we had 2 to 3 days to work on our projects in class so we didn't have to do anything at home. One thing that I would change is working in groups more. I feel like everyone did things on there own besides the major projects.


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