Food Photography Krystal Van Dyke

This is my food photography....

This is a picture of my food photography. My object here was some bread that I found in my house. In my opinion this bread looks really good.


For my food photo, I chose to do a bagel with jelly on it. I made this and it tasted very good. In the background you can notice the jelly on the knife.

Breakfast for Supper

This is my mom's breakfast casserole and right beside it was an apple cinnamon muffin. We had breakfast for supper. This meal was very good. These next few pictures are of this meal.

Popcorn + Gummy Bears + Milk

This picture by far is my favorite picture. I love how the focus is on the popcorn and how the milk and the gummy bears are out of focus. This is probably one of the best combinations to eat.

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