Kian Anderson's Amazingly Great Tours This tour: Ancient China

Hello I am the great tour guide Kian Anderson. Today I will take you back in time for a tour of Ancient China.

In the picture above you will see the Great Wall of China. The great wall is 5,500.3 miles long and 50 feet high. The Great Wall was made of brick, wood, and sticky rice. The Chinese took about 2,000 years to completely build the great wall.
The ancient Chinese made very colorful and unique hand held fans, as you can see in the picture above. Unlike most products today the ancient Chinese took the the time to carefully hand craft their products of them being the fan. The fans actually originated from Japan when the Chinese discovered the fan.
The ancient Chinese made a LOT of fantastic inventions. One of them being the rocket. The rocket also known as the "Fire Arrow" was used in the ancient Chinese military. They would shoot the rockets at the enemy to defend or attack an area. The rocket was great for this purpose because it contained gunpowder, which means it would explode. The explosion would kill and wound multiple enemies at a time.
The ancient Chinese believed in the mythical creature the dragon. Unlike many dragons in TV shows or movies the ancient Chinese dragons didn't breath fire. The dragons were color coded based on what element they represented. In the picture you can see the different dragons like I said they have different color depending on the element they represent like the red dragon represents fire.
One interesting thing about China is the Chinese Zodiac. Different years had different animals to represent them such as 2005 is represented by the Rooster so if you were born in 2005 you would be born in the year of the rooster.

That's the end of my amazing tour of ancient China. So we need to back to the present day. I hope you enjoyed learning about this fascinating civilization.


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