Hawaiian Island Formation Taylor Nelson

The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it all started 40 million years ago. It started because of a hotspot on the ocean floor. It’s been a big mystery how the Hawaii Islands were made after years of researching we found out. Let’s go under the sea and find out why they were formed.

This event happened because of magma and rocks being pushed out of the earth's surface to form these islands. On land a volcano erupts and the magma goes to the bottom of the ocean it hardens and forms a volcano. New land then rises on top of the ocean and the process starts all over. Some people wonder if this could happen in a different location on earth and the answer is yes because there are other volcanos in this world so it could happen in other places in the world. The Hawaiian Islands formed because of a hotspot in the middle of the Pacific plate.The heat transforms deep rocks int oozy magma. When sizzling lava hits the cooler water it hardens into an underwater volcano.

This had a lot of effects on earth’s surface some of those are major transformations. They range and form new land. Hawaiian Island have a lot of volcanos that erupt occasionally so in a few million years new islands can be formed, but only one can be formed at a time so it could take a long time to make only two islands. When these islands formed it constructed new land on earth that contributes to earth. Some other things it helped with are that people don’t have to be squashed in one island, they could be on separate islands. They could repeat this process so more islands can be formed.

This event affected the people because some moved and did not want to go. Some moved because a British explorer found the island. The discovery was made was by James Cook. He discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778.. This affected people because some people changed their religion to what Hawaiian beliefs were. Some decided they wanted to keep their religion.

The Hawaiian islands are now not a big mystery this essay contains lot’s of information about Hawaii now. This is how they formed and past information they found who knows what is going happen next to them.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Pearl Harbor, Hawaii" • Paloika - "Westbank Sunset" • Noxsoma - "waterfall hawaii oahu" • Paloika - "Looking For Something!!!" • Dr_Gomz - "ocean hawaii sea"

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