We've Moved! Instructions for Accessing our new Westminster Campus

We are excited to begin operations in our new home tomorrow, July 9th, 2018!

It is very important that parents follow our directions for drop-off and pick-up. We have designated our entrances and traffic flows to maximize safety, efficiency and care for our neighbors.

Driving Directions

(Driving west on Monument Avenue from the direction of the old Sheppard Street location)

(Driving directions headed eastward on Monument Avenue from the direction of Willow Lawn)

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Instructions


  • Student drop-off and pick-up will take place on Antrim Avenue
  • During peak times an attendant will be on-hand to help expedite drop-off and pick-up. When possible, we will try to prevent you from having to leave your vehicle, by using curbside sign-in and sign-out. (Please be patient with us as we implement this new service.)
  • Please follow all directions given by the Pick-Up / Drop-Off attendant.

Restricted Areas

  • There is NO PARKING for Richmond Prep families on Malvern Avenue during drop-off and pick-up.
  • There is NO ACCESS to the alley-way behind the building. This applies at ALL TIMES. Richmond Prep families who park in the alley may incur fines or be towed.
Please keep an eye out for our parking signage and follow the printed instructions.
Rules for Decorum & Respect

Our Westminster Campus is home to Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Because our new home is a house of worship, we are asking our families to take additional steps to respect the space where our school is operating:

  • Please dress appropriately: We ask that all of our parents wear proper attire when entering the building. Those who are dressed inappropriately may be asked to leave the premises. No undergarments, pajamas, bonnets, do-rags, house shoes, etc. will be permitted.
  • Remember where you are when you speak: Please conduct your conversations with the same respect you would observe in any house of worship. We hope that you will conduct conversations with tone and verbiage that are appropriate for the space.
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors: Richmond Prep has never operated with such close proximity to residential neighbors. Please respect their property and their neighborhood. We are new to the neighborhood and hope to be valuable members of this community. Please keep that in mind as you interact with the people in our neighborhood.

Why is Richmond Prep asking us to behave and dress differently?

Is Richmond Prep trying to get "brand new" on us? 🧐

There are several reasons why we are asking our families to modify behavior and dress at our school campus. The biggest reason is our overall desire to improve what we are offering our boys and girls. A huge part of our relocation project is an increased focus on our values. We are raising the bar of expectation across the board at our school.

We are also in a different setting than we have been in recent years. While our former location was located next to a church, this one IS a church. We believe that our move to a house of worship requires that we should be more intentional about the way we behave and carry ourselves.

Lastly, our new location places our school at the heart of our one our city's oldest and most prominent streets. We want to project a positive image of our school and the families who have chosen Richmond Prep. Our school's relocation to Monument Avenue is a historic development in the history of this city. We want to make sure that the image we put forward is consistent with that history!

So, "Is Richmond Prep trying to get brand new?"

The answer is YES!

Emphatically! We want to be a brand new, richer, more efficient and more effective environment for teaching, learning and pointing our boys and girls to see the life and work of Jesus Christ!

We are determined to be a better school than we have ever been!

We haven't moved everything from our old Sheppard Street location, yet.

While we have moved our operations, there is still quite a bit of work to do to complete all aspects of our move. Please be patient with us as we complete our transition to the new space! Our school's leadership will be between buildings for the next week. However, there will always be someone in the office at our new site to assist you.

We hope you are excited about this new chapter at Richmond Prep!

👋🏽 See you at Westminster Campus!

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