Heat Up Summer Sales Author: Savy Huynh

Summer is just around the corner and with continued concerns regarding COVID-19, sales will likely remain unpredictable for most companies. Implementing some creative seasonal marketing ideas will help build your brand and keep your sales sizzling all summer long.

Holiday Sales

Customers are conditioned to seek out deals and bargains during certain holidays, so running special sales and promotions throughout the summer can boost consumer traffic and increase profits. Be sure to apply several targeted marketing ideas to sell specific products. Create teasers, gamification, and announcements ahead of time and offer deep discounts for early shoppers. Work with experienced graphic designers or outsourced marketing companies who can provide a creative boost to your brand. It’s important to align these specialty marketing materials with your company brand and values for consistency.

Connect Sales with Charities

There are plenty of non-profits, charities, and other local organizations that need help year-round. Consider donating a percentage of summer sales or products to one of these groups. If possible, allow your employees to volunteer at local charities or host charitable events at your office. There might be strategic opportunities to establish a presence and interact with new customers at select community events. Connecting your brand to one or more charities will have a direct impact on those in need, create a positive experience for your customers, and provide your company with exposure – and your brand will be connected to those you help and serve for years to come.

Summer Photo Contest

Who doesn’t love taking pictures, being in them, or looking at them? Summer photos are bright, colorful, and generally fun-spirited. Engage your customers with a summer photo contest through Instagram or Facebook by asking them to share their stories and summer adventures for a chance to win a selected product or experience. To encourage participation from customers who are camera-shy, consider promotions such as product giveaways or discounts simply for trying new products.

Reward Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that a happy customer is a loyal customer. Loyal customers want to feel appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded in some form or fashion every time they make a new purchase. Word-of-mouth is among the best ways to spread your business to new customers, so keep your existing customers excited. Not only will loyal customers keep coming back, but they will also most likely recommend your business to friends and family, which will boost your sales. Leverage this by creating a rewards program to current customers for recommending new customers.

Corporate Incentives

Your business wouldn’t be what it is without the people who work there. Let them know they are essential to your company’s success by creating internal programs that recognize and reward individuals who go above and beyond for the company. Employees and staff can be rewarded for achieving or exceeding sales goals through rewards programs that give them the power to choose their reward. Partner with a company that specializes in rewarding and incentivizing and watch your sales heat up from the inside!

I hope these summer marketing ideas will give you a sales boost and drive deeper engagement with your customers.

Happy shopping and happy summer!

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