Rapunzel By felicity hutchinson

Mother Gothel age 89 had lost her beautiful hair years ago only having what appeared to be dead weeds growing on her head. She was at the hair salon when Rapunzel walked in to help her mother who ran the hair salon. Mother Gothel was over taken with the beauty of Rapunzels hair.

Mother Gothel was overtaken with jealousy and rage. She paid local thugs to kidnap Rapunzel and take her hair. Rapunzel was held by the kidnappers for nine days. Not much torture was done other than the scraping of a scalpel against Rapunzels dry head. They delivered the hair to Mother Gothel who had the hair made into a wig and dropped Rapunzel off in the street in front of her mothers salon.

Now 20 years later Rapunzel has abandoned being with her family or any other humans. Her head has never recovered. The only thing she cares about now is filling the emptiness on her head. She has extreme anxiety, PTSD and schizophrenia. She wears wigs 24/7, lives in an abandoned factory and makes her own wigs.

Flynn Rider was a local police officer who had been on the job since age 20, now being 40. He's rich has good looks married young and has a 19 year old daughter. In Boston "The Barber" has been taking females between the age of 17 and 20. He had been working this case for a about three years and he still hasn't gotten much evidence. The victims would disappear randomly and show up anywhere between 6-9 days later.

The victims were hurt in any physical way more than a few bruises, they would just be missing their hair. No one knew why or who was behind it and it was a low level case until about a month ago when the last victim had been severely cut on top of her head.

While Flynn was working he got a call from his daughter she was frantic and whispering. He didn't understand what was happening. Then when she screamed hair and the phone line went dead. He sprang into action. He went through every piece of information he could muster up about the case. The police had narrowed it down to two building based on all of the 50 victims that had been taken. He would have to guess, he had a 50% chance of being correct and he was usually pretty lucky. He picked the abandoned factory.

Rapunzel looked at her newest wig holder. She was excited this was the best hair she had found in a while. The last mannequin had moved causing major damage not that she really cared but it had caused some ruckus. She made sure to tie this one down and sedate her. As she was about to start she heard a jar knock over. She made one quick motion and stepped away taking off into a run.

Flynn was entering the building uncertain, with a gun in his hand. There was no sign of life anywhere except for one little glow of a light. Almost like a lantern in the sky. He went towards the light when he bumped a shelf. He didn't pay much attention to it until he heard the smash of a jar, but something followed it. A rushed foot step maybe, he held the gun firm and sprinted towards the light. When he saw his daughter he flashed his gun up and shot.

Rapunzel didn't know what had happened she stepped, fell and then everything went black. Flynn called 911 calling for an ambulance and untying his daughter she was unarmed and fast asleep. "The Barber" was caught and taken care of the wigs of all of the people were donated to locks of love.

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