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What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

I see a number of various problems occurring like finding fresh water and even if we did boil it it will take a very long time. Finding food may be a little easier with the amount of animals and fruits available, but some dangerous animals could make put us in bad situations. I see some conflict and arguments happening between the group because everyone will have there input on how we should survive and get a way out of the island.

Create a list of characters and add details about them using textual evidence. Below is an example.

Ralph - fair (8), 12 years old (10), arrogant (didn't ask Piggy his name (11) rude makes fun of piggy's name and yells at him when he talks about his asthma (13)

Piggy- fat (1), talkative (21), has asthma (9) wears glasses (9)

Jack- head of choir (20 and 22), head of hunters (23) tall (19-20) bony (19-20) red hair (19-20)

Simon- Peacekeeper (42) small and skinny (55) pointy chin (55) very bright eyes (55)

Sam and Eric- twins (19) chunky (19)

Roger- quiet (22) furtive (22)

Type the rules we created as a classroom from the board. This is something we will return to. In the meantime, pick the rule you find most important (from the ones we created) and explain why that rule, above all others is most important on this island.

Rules- 1. Travel in 2+ 2. Don't go out at night 3. Share resources 4. Clean up after your self 5. Communicate effectively 6. Do your job 7. Do not kill eachother

The rule I find most important is number 6 (do your job). I think this the most important rule because if you don't do your part to help contribute then there will be a big part missing that the group needs. Say you were the person that had to find fresh water and the entire group depended upon you to get that water and you didn't get it. This could effect the group very negatively either killing someone or worse. Just like in a sport everyone has to do there job or the game plan will NOT work!

One of the themes of this novel is survival. Explain why the setting of this story adds to or contributes to the theme.

This setting is in the middle of nowhere meaning they haven't seen any other signs of human life except themselves or boats. This adds an element that they have to survive because they don't know how long they have to be there and cannot just wait until rescue. This isolation meaning nothing can come I or out has put an emphasis on the boys to make a small society of their own to survive.

Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all.

This island is not a good island because its in the middle of nowhere first off there is no land to be seen off the sides of the island. There are many dangers on the island such as the treacherous rocks and cliffs. The boys attitudes to each other also could make this a bad island. The chance of rescue is very low because of location, some deaths could happen because of the geography of the island and the conflict happening between the boys.

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas. The following are some of the symbols from the novel The Lord of the Flies.

Meat- Temptation


Conch- Law and Order

Simon- Gooodness

Island- Isolation

Platform- Democracy

Painted faces- Anoymity

Piggy- Democracy

Piggy's glasses- Survival

Writing from Simon’s point of view, have him explain what the Beast is to the younger boys.

You littluns may believe in this beast but have you ever thought it could just be you and all of us. The beast is within all of our imaginations and we are letting it scares us and bring us apart. I tell you there is no beast we are all just scared of death and we shouldn't be there is nothing to be scared of on this island we have been everywhere on this island and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text.

The boys are not keeping the fire going and are talking without the conch in their assemblies. The fire has now went out two times an the very first time it went out a ship went by, now again the fire has went out because Sam and Eric supposedly saw the "beast" and there was then nobody to keep the fire going. This could really effect them because say another ship came b they would miss another chance at rescue. Then at the last assembly all the boys started talking without the conch and that was a rule from day one. This really upset piggy because he said "I've got the conch" when people talked when he had the conch.

Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

List- "I am very sorry for your loss", "If your family needs any thing I'm here", "___ was very sweet and loving (other good descriptive words) and her/his death will definitely be felt"

In a funeral the setting is very sad because some one has lost a loved one and you want to help the family the death happened in. Sometimes the best thing to is let them know you are sorry for their family's loss and let them know you will do anything to help. I picked the phrase "If your family needs anything I'm here". I chose this one because it gives the person grieving for the loss of a loved one that someone cares and will/would help you out if you needed it. I think that in itself just saying your there for them could help so much.

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer.

The Beast has changed both characters a lot by what they are doing and thinking. Especially Ralph, he has been more reserved and scared. He has not moved from the platform much whereas he used to go to the mountain and different places on the island. The beast has also made Ralph move his fire (the most important thing to Ralph on the island ) which was the best place to be rescued and seen. This has been shown on pages 129-130. Jack has changed even more than Ralph. He has started his own group with Maurice,

Retell in your own words what has happened to Simon. Use textual evidence to help you create a vivid paragraph.

Simon was coming down from the mountain which he climbed and found out that the "beast" was nothing. It was just a parachutists but when he came out to the others they were having the pig ritual which got them caught up and they didn't didn't realize that is was Simon. They though it was the beast because they were in a killing/mob mentality. It says "At once the crowd surged after it (Simon) , poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws" (Golding 153). Simon was not killed easily everyone in the group had beat him to death.

In life people create groups. These groups might be at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, and through religious organizations. Explain what needs groups fill for people. Explain both the positive and negative aspects of being part of a group. You may relate this to our novel, or you may make it a person reflection of your own experience.

In life or throughout time people need to feel like they are wanted and feel as though they fit in. This is what groups do for people they fill the gaps for relationships. Groups are both positive and negatives. The positives are that groups can help people in times of need or sadness, they can be good for a community and makes them better like groups that pick up trash on the side of the road. The negatives can be very unprincipled like gangs this can harm a community and make more crimes or deaths happen. In the book Lord of The Flies by William Golding the savages or Jack's group are a definitely a negative to the island and are much like a gang. They have already killed two people and are going after Ralph.

Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?” Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer.

I think that having rules and agreeing are the basic tools to be able to have no conflict and be working together. I know that having rules and agreeing is best for the island. If you don't agree and have rules there will be conflict as the last two or so chapters show. The boys were fighting, killing, and being very dangerous. If the boys would've followed the rules and had all agreed on anything the deaths wouldn't of happened and there would be no group of savages. Since Jack wanted to have fun and hunt & kill he left from Ralph's group and people went with him this made the savages and they disobeyed all past rules.

Today’s assignment requires you to think about the book as a whole. Your directions are to choose a picture and a quote from the book and add it to your blog. For the text (7-9 sentences), explain why you chose the picture and the caption to summarize your experience with the book.

"You'll get back to where you came from" - Simon

Pictures and quotes describe a lot even without knowing everything. I chose this picture because it shows rescue and after all the hardships on the island they made it to rescue. It also was said by Simon that he (Ralph) would make it back where he came from and I thought that was pretty cool because he will end up making it back. The quote also shows that all along they were gonna get rescued. It also taught me that if the same thing in a novel is said three times it will happen.

Today’s assignment requires you to write a letter to a student who will be in my class next year and this novel and your opinion about the following items

What did you think about the novel?

Explain how you best enjoyed the novel: the British man, reading on your own, or me reading.

The Adobe Spark Blog

Any additional information you would like to include

You may be critical of the novel and the activities, but not mean.

Dear Future 8th Graders,

The Lord of the Flies Novel was great if you love a sense of survival and uncertainty. In my opinion I liked it a lot it, it had a great plot. The only thing I really didn't like was how slow it was in the beginning of the book. I loved when Ms. Lydia read. She made it so exciting and was so enthusiastic when she read. I started to like the book more when she read. You all will like when Ms. Lydia reads anything. Another thing we did with the book was a blog on Adobe Spark which I am typing on right now. The blog is a very interactive way to get you to really think about the specific details in certain parts of the book. This year we did 16 entries all different in some way in our blogs, plus we can put pictures in our blog. This is an overall great part of the year especially because you get to do most of the material on your own!


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