Clouds By:Brearra Hall

Stratus Cloudes are forming a continuous horizontal gray sheet, often with rain or snow.Features clouds of low altitude varying in color dark gray.
Nimbostratus are dark, low level clouds accomplained by light to moderately falling precipitation. There altitude is 3,000m and they can have precipitation.
Cumulus are puffy and have flag bases. There altitude is 2,000 (3,300) in altitude unless there more vertical cumulus congestus.
Altostratus is middle altitude cloud. There altitude is 2,400-6,100m. It green blushing blue sheet layer.
Altocumulus altitude is 2,00-6,100m. It's a middle altitude cloud. There shape layer or patches, individual elements being larger and darker than those of cirrocumulus and smaller than those of stratocumulus.
Cumulonimbus altitude is 440-7,620-12,190. The percepatation involves rainstorms and storm clouds.Its dense and towering vertical.
Cirrocumulus has an high altitude tropospheric cloud. It's appearance is small, high,patched, and rows. Altitude 6,000-12,000m. Small liquid droplets. Ice & snow.
Cirrus altitude is above 5,500m it's in tropical region. It's appearance or shape is thin, wispy strands. Rain is the precipitation.

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