Exploring Must see sites

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world, and only second to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in highest structure in the world.

Our inspiration was the world tour of David Bowie is. Seeing this exhibit for the second time, first bing in Chicago, it was sadly different. In that in Chicago, Bowie was still alive. Here there is a distinct ending of his works. And a bit of reflection. Japan was a great influence in his early career, and there was more to see and hear in that respect. No photography was allowed in the exhibit.

It was a plus we got in the wrong Tokyo Monorail to the exhibition. We ended up at the Heneda Airport. Very smooth Disney kind of ride.

Back in the Ropongi neighborhood. We needed a relaxing view. 45 floors up a the the Ritz Carlton lobby bar.

Senso-ji Shrine. Walking from the Skytree to the temple grounds on a clear beautiful day. Cherry blossoms are everywhere with many people enjoying them in various ways.

Out for dinner last night we came across a bridge just steps from our apartment to the Midtown towers. This location is high end shops restaurants and food stores. Strawberries anyone? The perfect set, for about $15 US dollars!!! Wooden box included. But they are PERFECT in every way!!!

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