Lyndon Baines Johnson by Michael Burgan November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"Without using any notes, he delivered a rousing speech that stirred up the crowd." (p.13)

Based upon the context clues, the word "rousing" means exciting.

"By the time, the United States was in he middle of the great depression, a severe economic crisis." (p.15)

Based upon the context clues the word "crisis" means a time of difficulty, trouble, or danger.

"The Democratic candidate usually won the election." (p.20)

Based upon the context clues "candidate" means a person who applies for a job or is nominated for election.

"As senate majority leader, Johnson played an important role in deciding which bills or proposed would be voted on." (p.21)

Based upon context clues the word "senate" means the smaller upper assembly in the us congress.

"He attended meetings of the National Security Council, which advised presidents on military affairs." (p.28)

Based upon context clues the word "affairs" means an event or sequence of events of a specified kind.

"Still,the vice president remained loyal to Kennedy, even though, as he later said, "I detested every minute of it." (p.29)

based upon the context clues the word "detested" means disliked.

"In april, Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. Two months later Robert kennedy was shot and killed as he campaigned for president." (p.48)

Based upon the context clues the word "assassinated" means murdered in a surprise attack.

"Johnson took brave steps to help the poor, improve education, and promote racial equality." (p.50)

Based upon context clues, the word "equality" means that blacks and whites have the same equal rights.


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