My Visit to The Harn Darianna Sasmon- Dr. duffy- Ms. Mcomber

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: Though this piece of art is printed, it still appears different in person versus in pictures. About a week before visiting The Harn, I saw a picture of this sign on my friend's Instagram account. It didn't have the same impact when I saw it online because I had no idea it was so huge. It's also skillfully placed in the section of the museum that pertains to womens' equality. It is much larger than the rest of the womens' art so that it is the first piece seen by the visitor. It is so large that it cannot be ignored. It basically screams at the viewer and, at least in my case, makes them consider women in art. The author of the piece called "Guerrilla Girls Talk Back" is the anonymous group of female artists called The Guerrilla Girls.
Design of The Museum: This photo was taken in my favorite room of the museum. As soon as I entered, I immediately felt peace. The room was wooden and completely separate from the rest of the museum. The whole back wall was occupied by windows which shined light onto the structures of art that were in glass boxes. The lighting drew the visitor's attention to the art in glass containers.
Core Values: This wedding ensemble reminds me of one of my core values which is diversity. My entire life centers on diversities and learning new information can always broaden my horizons. This outfit would have been worn by an Egyptian woman for her seven day wedding. Compare it to the common white dress for one day known in our culture. Thinking about how this outfit was just as cherished by an ancient Egyptian woman as some gowns are cherished by their bridezillas today puts into perspective the real importance of material goods. Often, taking a diverse perspective on something can change your outlook.
Art and The Good Life: The good life theme that is most evident in this artwork is freedom, more specifically the freedom of choice. In order to live a healthy and meaningful life, one must be free to make his or her own decisions. When my friend and I saw this, she asked me "which is your favorite". I could have chosen any of the pictures. Instead, I CHOSE not to say that I didn't have one. In fact, they were all equal to me as they all represented different emotions. Spurring from those different emotions are different paths we can chose which is essential to The Good Life. The series of artworks is called Kore by Anita Huffinton.

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