The Foster Kids BY:Veronica

On January 15, there was this girl named Maya. She is creative, nice, happy, funny, and strong. She has a sister named Kalia and a brother named Elijah. They’re both young. Elijah is creative, nice, happy, funny and strong. Kalia is really quiet. Maya is 12 years old, Kalia is 5 years old, and Elijah is 13 years old. Maya and Elijah do a lot of things together because they're best friends, and they stick together in everything.

On January 22, Kalia got really sick, so she went to the hospital. Her mom, Lucy, and her dad, Jayden, didn’t know what to do. The doctors said the she is probably going to die. Lucy and Jayden were scared and they were sad. The doctors told Lucy and Jayden that Kalia was just going to live 8 more days. Lucy and Jayden told Maya and Elijah that Kalia was just going to live eight days.

Later that day, Lucy and Jayden decided to spend the time with Kalia taking her to where she wanted to go as a family. Kalia knows that she doesn't have a lot days to live. Lucy decided to spend those eight days eating and going places. "Kalia, where do you want to go?" Lucy asked sadly.

"I don't know"

"Do you want to go eat some food and then you can decided where you want to go?”

" Yes, mom."

On January 23, Lucy and Jayden took Kalia to eat some Chinese food. Maya and Elijah decided to do something for her sister. Maya did a photo album of all the special moments her parents and Kalia had, then she did a different one with all the moments that she, Elijah, Kalia had. Elijah decided to make a portrait of her sister smiling and enjoying life with no sickness and no problems. Lucy decided to go home because they were going to go swimming. Maya and Elijah told their dad that they wanted to stay home because they wanted to do something special to their sister, Kalia.

Later that day, they went back home they all got ready to go to bed. But Kalia didn't feel good. Her dad asked her, “Kalia what’s wrong?” Kalia answered that she was fine. Her mom came back with her food and she saw her husband talking to Kalia, and she asked what was wrong Jayden said that she wasn't looking good and that we have to take her to the Hospital. They got to the hospital. The doctor told Lucy and Jayden that her daughter had cancer and that it's really bad that they can't treat it. Lucy was so sad she felt like her life was falling apart. She told Maya and Elijah that they couldn't treat their sister.

On January 24, Mya and Elijah decided to give the presents they made to Kalia. Kalia was in a hospital bed and she looked like pale. She had problems breathing. Maya didn’t like what what was happening. She wanted to be the one suffering with cancer. Elijah gives his present first because when Maya saw Kalia in bed she froze because how she saw her. Kalia liked Elijah’s present so much that Kalia’s eyes were watery. Maya unfrosted she walk to Kalia. Maya gives Kalia the photo album of her parents and then she gives the photo album of Elijah, Kalia and Maya. At that moment while she was crying of happiness, her heart stop beating and she died slowly. Elijah went running to get Lucy and Jayden. They went running back to the room then when they got there Maya went to get the doctor.

On January 29, it was Kalia's funeral and a lot of family went. A lot of people cried and a lot of people were sad. When the funeral finished they were on their way home. It was dark and it was really late. They were driving home. Suddenly a truck driver was falling asleep and he wasn't on his side of the road. He crashed the car that had Elijah, Maya, Lucy, and Jayden. The ambulance, police officers, and the firefighter came they took them to the hospital. Elijah and Maya survived. The doctor first went with Elijah. Elijah was all right. The doctor then went with Maya and told her that Elijah was alive. Then he went back to Elijah and told him that Maya was alive. The doctor went to Jayden’s room and he saw nurses giving Jayden CPR. He asked the nurses what was wrong they told him that he didn’t have a chance to survive. The doctor told the nurses that he was going to go and check on the mom and that he will call a doctor to come and check on him. He called the doctor will he was on his way to go and see the mom . He saw the mom and she was good so he left. He was going to tell Elijah and Maya that her mom was doing well but at the time he was on his way to tell them he got page and he saw that it was Jayden’s room he got there as fast as he could but when he got there he was already died. Then he got sad because the only hope was the mom. He went to Lucy’s room will he was in his way to her room he got page and it was Lucy’s room while he was on his way to Lucy’s room he was thinking if she dies what is going to happen to the kids. While all that was happening Elijah was transferring to Maya’s room. When the doctor got there he started to give CPR to Lucy. Her heart stop really slowly but the doctor didn’t stop. Her heart stop but the doctor didn’t give up the nurses told him that her heart stop that she is not going to come back. So he stop because he didn’t know what to do.

Later that day, the doctor went to Maya’s and Elijah’s room. He told them that he had bad news Elijah and Maya didn’t know what was happening, the doctor told them that doth of their parents died. Elijah and Maya were so sad because there parents died. The police came in and asked if they had any family that they know of that they can live with they said no. The police officer decided that they needed to go to the Foster system. So they put them both as one pair so if one has to go they both go.

3 years later

At this time of year Maya is 15 years old and Elijah is 16 years old. They both have been to 5 families in the past 3 years. The families they went to were not good the parents were not treating them right. They are still in the foster system. Until Elijah becomes 18 he can adopted his sister if he has the right papers to adopt. But during that time a good family can adopt them.


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