Performance Week 2017 Part One interview :: For the love of it

Collies Online: Give us an update on what you have been doing since Performance Week 2016? Who are you currently training and or competing with? Have you tried out any new events since last year?

Babbi Dilbeck DVM, Mello-D Collies: Cage and Katy have been quite busy. We've competed in conformation, agility, rally obedience, Llure coursing and herding this year and have been very happy with our progress. Both completed their Trick Dog Novice titles. What a fun new event! Most dogs should be able to accomplish this new AKC title fairly easily.

(L-R) GCHS Windkist's Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, PT, RAE, CAA, NA, NAJ, OF, OAP, OJP, XFP, CCA VX "Cage" and GCH Millknock's Firework At Mello-D, HT, RN, CA, NF, NFP "Katy" owned by Babbi Dilbeck, DVM

Judy Belluomini / St Germaine Collies: I have enjoyed a unique and varied year with three of my collies. Because of the mild winter I started tracking with Brett. I have two wonderful devoted friends who have been laying and running tracks with us. This fall I decided to enter multiple VST tests and hope we can pass that final link.

Sue Larson / Trailwind Collies: Thrill's been struggling with an injured toe off and on for about a year and a half. The first time he hurt it, he was just trotting along and I saw his foot buckle. Maybe he stepped on a rock or in a hole, I don't know, but he was then lame and it took seven months for it to heal. With lots of acupuncture, cold laser and rest he finally was sound and I started to bring him back VERY slowly. We did lots of leash walking, then some loose walking by himself and finally, when he'd been sound for probably eight weeks, I let him run through a field once with Drifter. Boom! He was lame again and it took another seven months for it to heal again. It was never broken, but had tendon and/or ligament damage and that heals so slowly because they don't get much blood supply. Eventually he was sound again and we worked up to finally running agility on Memorial Day weekend. We are so happy to be back and so far, so good with the toe. We've become a pretty good team and his qualifying rate is good, so we got the seven QQ's we still needed for his MACH in pretty short order. Very often his runs are like Mr Toad's wild ride, but we're having so much fun!

Drifter's claim to fame this year has been earning his tracking dog title. He easily completed his novice and intermediate trick dog titles, and if I'd planned ahead a little bit, he'd have gotten his Advanced title too. He'll go on to TDX tracking this winter.

Jif is now nearly 11 years old but he's still my walking buddy and he’s doing great!

Sue Larson’s Trailwind Collies: (L-R) “Drifter” Braeton's Drift Away, TD, CGC, TKI, “Jif” TC, GVA Trailwind Fairways Fast Forward, DX, HXAds, MXB, MJS, XF and “Thrill”, CH MACH Entais Exhilaration, TD, HSAs, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJS, T2B, NF, VX

Chris Carilli, Luck of the Draw Farm: I'm currently training my two youngest collies, Buck and Flash. Flash completed his PT in the spring, Buck completed his started A course sheep title in the spring and earned some bumper legs always finishing in the ribbons. Buck also earned his first started B sheep leg at the Collie Club of America Eastern Regionals. B course isn't new to me, but it's my favorite course and I'm so excited to have a dog who can compete successfully!

Luck Of The Draw Farm, (L-R) HTCh HC HM Mac’s Ace of Spades, HTDIs, HTADIIIsd, HRDIIIs, HSBs, HXAsd, Kelso’s Lightin’ Bolt to the Moon, PT, Ability’s Time Traveler, HSAs and Borealis Starman, PT

Linda Marie Ward and Tanya A. Ward, Sinkona Collies: We have been busy competing in agility, herding, obedience, rally and tracking, and also the occasional breed ring. This past year my main dog for performance has been Elsa and her little sister, Storm, who is just starting in agility. We keep extremely busy with training and events. Elsa earned a lure coursing leg this year which was a first for me. Tanya (my daughter) also does everything except tracking. We go to many events throughout the year. We share the ups and downs of performance.

Jeannette Poling: I have four dogs and I continue to have fun with all of them. My Gabi, and my golden, Cooper, are continuing to compete in AKC Agility at the Master Standard levels and enjoying themselves. Gabi recently earned her MXP title, and is closing in on her MJP. Josh earned his Obedience Companion Dog title in February, in three consecutive shows, with placements. My newest companion is my “Baby Rory,” who turned one in August. Rory and I are taking a group “Focus Class” and also private lessons for obedience, and he takes private agility lessons too. Rory is a very happy and eager partner, and we hope to have many fun-filled years together. This summer the “new thing” we tried was demonstrating tricks in order to qualify for the new AKC Trick titles. Gabi and Josh both earned their Novice Trick titles, giving them a TKN at the end of their names. Cooper earned three trick titles for his TKA (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.) Baby Rory was too young to compete (there is an age requirement of two years) but I know he will dazzle them when he is able to demonstrate his skills.

Beth Rutherford, Cardross Collies: I have personally been training my male blue smooth, Cardross Sugarnspice Lonestar towards his CD title and working on CDX with the goal of competing in it next year. I personally haven't had much time to work on my own dogs in many performance venues though I do know many of my dogs in performance homes have tried out the scent trialing and others have gotten more into the herding venue.

Noreen Bennett: I finally was able follow through with the sport of tracking and we earned our first tracking title in January. I have dabbled in tracking since 1997. It’s taken me 20 years to actually tackle this sport and I LOVE it! We drove to Virginia in January to get into a trial and ended up on a track at a pig farm. It was an amazing experience and we are well on our way to our TDX. I feel that I got just a peak into the world of my dog. I have never had as much respect for Sequel as I did upon completing our TD.

“I found the glove!” photo by Doreen Palmer (Pictured: Noreen Bennett and Sequel, Ch Millknock Tri the Next Chapter, "Sequel," BN, RN, TD, HSAds, MXB, MJB, MFB, T2B2 VA)

Alicia Moore, Moore Collies: I have added my puppy to my competition dogs. He is in training for tracking, herding, agility and rally. I am still competing with my 10-year-olds, Kenzie and Peyton, and they are both close to their third agility championships. Peyton just earned his HSAs -- he was the oldest dog at the trial, and his final Q was in 90-degree temps. I am working ducks with Kenzie and Cay, starting intermediate skills. I would like to be at that level for the next national specialty. But, if not, I will be competing in started. Peyton will be working started masters on both ducks and sheep. Conn (Connlaodh) will be started in intermediate skills on sheep once he gets his started title, and we will start him on ducks to hopefully be doing started ducks at the national.

(L-R) "Breannen," CH Moore’s Tiernan Dash, "Kenzie," MACH PACH Moore's Alainn Aoife, "Peyton," GCH CH PACH2 Moore's Lord Peyton, "Cay," CH MACH Moore’s Aileen Aednat and Alicia Moore with "Conn," Moore’s Idris Laise,

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