Des Oiseaux Albarrán Cabrera

“Immobility makes me think of the large spaces in which movements occur that don’t stop at a given moment, movements that have no end”. Joan Miró
Joan Miró - Oiseau dans l'espace

Between 1969 and 1976 Joan Miró created a set of space paintings, among them is Oiseau dans l’espace (Bird in Space, 1976). Miró uses a minimal representation of the bird to let our memories and imagination fly, trigger our memories and ‘see’ the infinite in the finite.

It is, as Kant said, the immediate emergence of the infinite in the finite. ...
A pebble, a finite and immobile object, suggests to me not just movement, but endless movement. ...
These become, in my paintings, shapes similar to sparks ...
that arise from the frame as if coming from a volcano." Joan Miró

In our work, the interpretation of our images is entrusted to the memories of the viewer.

Each print encodes a set of personal experiences revolving around the depicted subject, but the final meaning will depend on the viewer’s experiences.

Like Miró, the way we create this narrative space and this complicity is a slow and natural process.

Des Oiseaux by Albarrán Cabrera | Photographs: Angel Albarrán, Anna Cabrera | Text: Guilhem Lesaffre | Publisher (English and French version): Atelier EXB | Publisher (Spanish version): Editorial RM | 96 pages | Year: 2020 | ISBN ENG: 978-23-65112-60-4 | ISBN FR: 978-23-65112-59-8 | ISBN ESP: 978-84-17975-36-4

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