ava's cakery ava gawronski

I want to be able to make people happy when they eat my products. I make my products for everyone, but there are some products that stick out for certain genders and ages.

I came up with this company, because i have always loved to bake. I also thought of ways that i can make more people happy by either adding cute designs for kids, or having sugar and gluten free treats. I have also loved to experiment with recipes and see how i can change them up to make them my own.

My inspiration to start my own business based on baking really came from my grandma. Although nobody in my family owns their own business, my grandma taught me how to bake when i was little and ever since then, i have loved to bake.

The problem i am solving is that a lot of people love to each treats, but they always have so much sugar, so i make sugar free things. I also know some people who are allergic to gluten, so there are also gluten free treats.

My favorite subject at school is language arts and social studies. I love to read and write and learn about how people lived before me. I am a competition swimmer and swim six to seven days a week every week, so i rarely have time to bake.

I live with my mom and my brother. My mom has always encouraged me to bake because she knows how much i love to do it. My brother always says that he hates the taste of what i bake, but he ends up eating the most out of all three of us, so i think he really does like it.

My typical customers are really anybody. Anybody and everybody always loves a good treat, but i mainly target the young adult to the kids age.

My business is better than all the other bakeries, because unlike any other bakery, i have sugar and gluten free treats, and i make little designs for kids. ava’s cakery is likely to succeed in the business industry, because everybody loves the things i bake, and there is no other bakery like mine.

I have estimated that it will cost me about $1 to make a cupcake, so i will sell them for $2.50, but there will be deals like 2 for $3, 5 for $4, and so on. If the customer chooses to order the treat online and have it delivered, it will be $.50 more every two treats.

My product will give back to two charities. 10% of my business earnings will go to the Amanda Riley Foundation, and another 10% of my earnings will go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


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