E-safety By EE

Cyber bulling is when somebody bullies you online such as sending/posting nasty,offensive,private and embarrassing comments/pictures on social media about you that upsets/angers you it can also be called trolling.If you want to be safe from social media don't have it at all!!

Cat phishing means when somebody is pretending to be someone who they aren't online.Phising is when someone is trying to get your personal details online.☹️

Never let cyber bullies get to you and stay strong.😡

S-stay safe From online social media because you don't know who is out there!

M-never meet up with someone you only know online!

A-Never Accept Files you don't know about such as (competitions, winning free things, sites were you have to enter personal details).

R-always make sure if you get a nasty message you should always rely on an adult that you trust.If u are on a website always make sure it is reliable!!! (Never give out personal details on a website if it asks you).

T-always Tell a trusted adult such as (parents, teacher or another member of the family) if you are getting cyber bullied.

Child line is a number you can call if feeling sad or neglected when cyber bullied

You have to be 13 or over to go on any social media never forget this rule.If your child is wanting any sort of social media say NO! if they are under 13!!!

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