NO ZOOS! By: Kaitlyn L.

In 2013, a man got drunk, jumped into a panda pen, and got badly injured. If there were no zoos this would have never happened. In my opinion there should not be zoos because animals need to have space, shouldn’t be caged up, and might need more food than they get.

Animals are not to be caged up all the time. Even if they are bigger now. Also, animals get less food than if they were in the wild. Animals need to be free if not they might be sad, or maybe even lonely.

If scientists want to study animals they should go out to the wild. Firstly, you will get more accurate information. Secondly, you should at least try to do something yourself! Lastly, it may be fun doing something on your own. You never know, you might find a new animal! Both animals and humans can get hurt in zoos! For example : At the Beijing zoo a drunk, 35 year old man named Zhang Xinyan jumped into a panda enclosure to cuddle with the panda, Gu Gu. He was quickly rebuffed and injured.This is only one story but lots of other people get hurt in zoos.

We shouldn’t have zoos because of 1:Animals should not be caged up 2: scientists should find the information for themselves. And 3:People and humans can get hurt in zoos. If we stop having zoos the world would be way safer!


Created with images by WillSowards - "The Sleeping Panda" • angela n. - "National Zoo"

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