Case Study 1

Appropriate technology for Suzanne

Suzanne is used to using a laptop, so I would suggest that she uses a laptop to complete her work. This said, she may also be used to an iPad or tablet, as her father has lots of devices at home. Given her age, it is likely that she would be used to using her mobile phone to access the internet and could work from it, provided she could work on such a small screen.

Appropriate tools (software) for Suzanne

I would recommend using very visual and colourful tools that are fun to use for Suzanne. She coulduse tools likePadlet and Lino It as these are colourful and engaging to plan and collaborate. She could also use infographic/poster style tools like Canva or Picktochart to create a colourful and engaging resource easily using templates. I would also suggest engaging presentation tools such as Emaze or Prezi if she wanted to create a presentation style resource. These tools are engaging and use colour and templates to make them engaging. The resources and planning she does will look professional as well as engaging. If she needs to do a lot of writing (that she is not keen on as she is more of a visual learner) she could produce a resource like this on an Adobe Spark as she could add lots of media to the piece of work, perhaps in place of writing. She would find the video function on Spark to create an audio presentation of the work easy and engaging also, as she is used to audio recordings in her workplace.

Mindmeister and Prezi: two visually attractive planning and presentation tools

Appropriate techniques for Suzanne using these tools

As mentioned above, Suzanne would benefit from learning how to use colour and templates in these pieces of software, as they make these tools more engaging than working on an essay on MS Word. Some templates make the work produced very professional with minimal effort. This would probably motivate Suzanne. She could also learn how to add images and videos, which will make the resources produced more engaging. She may also find putting in hyperlinks an interesting skill to learn to link her resource to a useful website. As mentioned above, she may be comfortable having her voice recorded, as she does this in the workplace, therefore an audio recording tool, such as Spark Video could be an interesting technique to use that she is likely to be comfortable with.

Case Study - Learner 2

Learner 2 is a dyslexic learner who learns best by doing (kinaesthetic learning style). She works for a charity and has good computer and internet skills. She works on her laptop in work, however, uses a tablet and iPhone outside of work. She was not engaged at school and did not complete any ICT qualifications. She has a young son who enjoys using the tablet for games and school work. She enjoys shopping online, social media, using Pinterest for Slimming World recipes. Her digital knowledge has been built independently.

Appropriate technology for Learner 2

Learner 2 is used to using lots of different devices. I would suggest that she completes her work using her tablet and laptop in combination, so she can work anywhere, on the go. I do not think it would be a good idea for her to work on her phone, as producing resources on such a small screen could be problematic for her considering her dyslexia causes her problems with her vision. With both her tablet and laptop, she can adjust the screen colour to yellow with black writing as she find this assists her reading and writing ability. The iPhone does not have such facilities.

Appropriate tools for Learner 2

Learner 2 would benefit from being shown tools which use plenty of colour or offer the option to change the colour of the writing screen. Therefore, planning tools like Lino It and Trello would be ideal for this learner. They also allow the posting of videos and images within the planning. Padlet does not allow the user to change the colour of the posts, so it may not be as useful. As per the video above, Microsoft's One Note Learning Tools could also assist her with planning. She could use it to make notes on her work i.e to plan and collaborate, wherever she is, on whatever device she has. It can record her voice instead of her needing to type which has obvious benefits to her as she struggles with her spelling. She can also adjust her text to make it easier to read on this tool, as well as contrast background and text to speech reader. She would also benefit from using Claro Read on Chrome when completing internet research, as she finds reading hard. This text to speech tool can be used over the internet to help her understand any internet research, provided she uses Google Chrome browser. Again, infographic/poster tools like Canva and Picktochart, as well as presentation tools like Prezi and Emaze could be used with this learner to produce her resource for the same reason, i.e colour change of poster/infographic or slide, wherever she needs to write. These tools would engage her younger audience in the work place, due to their colour and templates and she could show them to her son who is starting to use digital tools in his schooling, especially as he is starting to be asked to present his ideas using a presentation model.

Appropriate techniques for Learner 2

Learner 2 would need to know how to change the colour of her posts on her planning and her background when working on her resource. She would also need to know how to change the colour of the infographic or slides in order to produce them easily. She could change them back for others and make a copy for her own use and ease of reading using her chosen colour. She would also need to know how to duplicate her work. She would also need to know how to use templates, add images and videos to her planning and resources to engage her younger audiences, including her son, in order to entice his interest in using such tools in his education.


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