Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous pollutants today and could change the earth for the future generations. What is air pollution and how will it impact us if society takes action or remains complacent?

Air pollution is when any harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. This creates gases to capture sun's heat into the atmosphere causing the temperatures to rise.

Air pollution is affecting the world temperatures at an alarming rate. It is affecting many places in the world. Antarctica is one of the main places with climate change and is causing the icebergs to melt. Leaving many animals without homes.

We are harming the environment and if we don't start taking ownership for our cause we might end the existence of any living things on earth including us. We can help by reusing our waste and by not burning fossil fuels.

Air pollution is very dangerous but its still not too late to help stop it. We can help by conserving energy such as, remembering to turn off lights, computers or any other electronics. We people are the ones polluting the world and it's up to us to change it.

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