Southwestern Region 5A Maye, Henry and Aarav

Learn the amazing weather and climate of the southwest region! States- Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

The yearly precipitation is 1 foot 6.51 in.

California has warm dry summers with mild wet winters

California Beach

The desert areas stay warmer year round during the day, while it is much colder in the mountains regardless of the season. In the valleys of the mountains where the altitudes are higher winter temps reach the low 40s, while the coastal and desert areas are much milder with Phoenix staying in the mid 60s during January and San Francisco in the mid 50s. Summers are hot and dry, with the hottest temperatures in California and Arizona. The Pacific Ocean cools the air closer to the coast so summer temps remain comfortable in the low to mid 70s. This region gets very little rain in the summer, but that which does fall tends to occur in the mountains during thunderstorms. Spring and fall are relatively mild in terms of temperatures, spring flowering that one sees in other areas of the countries does not exist in the same way since much of the flowering is year-round.

Spring- 67° average high, 56° average low Summer- 74 average high, 64° average low Fall- 72° average high, 60° average low Winter- 65° average high, 49° average low Yearly- 70° average high, 58° average low Temperatures in Fahrenheit

A lot of earthquakes happen in the state of California near the ocean. Mainly in the city of San Fransisco.

In the year 2016 in January it broke records for the driest month of the year since 1895. California was hit hard with that drought.

This is the seven day period in San Diego, California

This is the weather for the week in San Diego

Climatologists take data from the past thirty years and put the data on climographs then they determine the climate for the years on. Some also use weather balloons and gather the climate after the years.

These are some pictures of the Southwestern Region.


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