Lip Gallagher visits Clemson Report by Hayes SElbee

Native Chicagoan Lip Gallagher found himself unexpectedly at Clemson last weekend and a trail of destruction and crime followed.

This video was taken outside of Earle Hall last Saturday. As you can see this vandal had no problem destroying many of the cars parked on campus, further adding to Clemson's notorious parking problem. The motive behind this destruction seemed to have stemmed from Lip being unable to find parking anywhere on Clemson's campus.

The crime did not stop there, multiple reports of smoke smells were reported outside of the dorm Lip was staying in.
Chase through Chicago

This however was not Lip's first run in with trouble on a college campus. Lip's last visit to the University of Chicago (shown above) ended with a chase through campus. According to Lip's and police report, Lip was being chased by a man who he refused to buy crack from. The other man pictured claims that he was chasing Lip over a girl.

Some Good

Lip Gallagher's visit was not all bad though. Above are photos captured by Clemson news. Lip was seen walking his younger brother Liam Gallagher around Clemson's Holmes hall. Clearly promoting education to his younger brother is important to Lip, and his family is a priority.

Crime does not always pay

Lip Gallagher was eventually arrested for stealing a high powered laser from the engineering lab. Police chased Lip and another man around campus before the chase ended on the library bridge. The other man Lip was with escaped police by jumping off the bridge, into the reflection pond, and swimming away. The laser has still not been found, and the other man is still wanted. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this extremely powerful laser contact CUPD or other local law enforcement.

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