Alcohol Abuse In Teens BY: Neuy


Drinking alcohol causes kids to have accidents and injuries. In 2011 alone, about 188,000 people under the age of 21 came to visit the emergency room in the hospital with alcohol related problems. Teen alcoholism destroys/harms teenagers and should be stopped.

Some facts about alcohol:

First of all, what is alcohol? Alcohol is an organic compound, produced in various ways from the fermentation of sugars. It’s chemical structure makes it easy for alcohol to cross human cell membranes, which is highly diffusible in the body including the brain. Secondly, using alcohol before the brain has fully developed can increase the risk for future addiction. Lastly, people respond to alcohol differently. Teens with family history of alcohol addiction are 4 times more likely to develop a problem.


The cause for teens drinking alcohol may be because they want to fit in with their friends, they like the way it makes them feel, they believe it makes them more grown up, boredom, misinformation about alcohol, social media sometimes make alcohol look like an okay/good thing to do, lack of confidence (they think they can do things with more confidence when they drink alcohol), family problems or they might be under peer pressure.

Signs that a teenager is addicted to alcohol

You might be wondering “How will we know if he/she is addicted to alcohol?” Well there are a variety of ways to tell if a teen is addicted to alcohol or not. These are the most common signs of teenagers addicted to alcohol: Red eyes, health complaint, unresponsiveness, mental confusion, repeated vomiting, cold and/or discolored skin, hard time breathing and convulsions (irregular movement of your body), less interests in school, a sudden drop in grade, ditching/skipping class at school and having new friends who also have little interest in school activities and family.

You probably don't want these to happen....... right???

How does it affect teenagers?

Alcohol can cause many things. For example, diseases, injuries/accidents and maybe even death. Now, researchers have found over 60 diseases that alcohol can cause. For example, cancer, pancreatitis, liver diseases, high blood pressure, etc. The dangerous effects of alcohol include decreasing teen’s ability to pay attention, difficulties with memories, they tend to complete fewer years of education. Almost 2000 people under the age of 21 died in a car crash in which underage drinking is involved every year. Kids were also having suicide attempts. Drugs can also cause overdose and brain damage. These drugs contain bacteria, many chemicals and lots of other unsafe substances.

How does it affect us?

When people drink, they become really violent when they are angry, upset, disappointed, etc. They can hurt people really easily and they won’t clearly remember what happened. About 3 million violent crimes occur each year in which the criminal/offender is drunk. Four of every five children and teen the juvenile systems are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while committing their crimes. When someone (in this case, teenagers) drink, not only them will be afflicted, but other people like friends, families and teachers because they are going to be really worried about the teenager.


How can we help?

At an early stage (when they haven’t tried their first alcohol yet), if you are a parent, grandparent or teacher, you can…

1. Let your teen know that they can talk to you about anything without judgement or lecturing

2. Talk openly about your family’s history

3. Set clear expectations without forcing them

4. Control your emotions

5. Ask about their friends

If a teenager already tried their first alcohol and is already addicted, take them to a doctor (don’t wait for them to stop on their own). There may be some withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, jumpiness, shakiness, trembling, sweating, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, depression, irritability, tiredness, loss of appetite and headache. Remember, strong family supports also increase the chances of successful recovery.


In conclusion, alcohol affects both the teenager and other people in the community. It causes diseases, violence, injuries/accidents, suicide attempts, brain damage and death. Teen alcoholism should stop.

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