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Jae24k was born in bronx New York March 6, 1997. Growing up listening to music of all genres helped him find his passion. Jae24k was 14 when he recorded his first single with a laptop and a gaming headset. Jae24k is a versatile artist he can hit the record heavy with straight punchlines but he also uses his unique voice to come up with catchy melodies to catch the attention of his audience. His delivery is soothing and compliments heavy hitting instrumentals But if you was to ask him to slow it down and ride a more subtle beat that wouldn't be a problem. His music is catchy but his message is important. Growing up wasn't easy jae24k. Being different always created problems in his life so he took the pain society created and put it bin his music. At 16 his parents realize he had this major passion for music and guided him to better his craft. A few years later his parents decided to come out with there own management company ''Known as LRC Music Group.'' Jae24k is apart of a movement called Rich Etiquette alongside with his to friends ''Kashmire'' & ''Willz Delafee.''

On July 4th 2017 Jae24k Gained a slight buzz around town with his single '' I aint worry about that'' following up with music video shot by hxrolenz. He's very active on instagram where he keep his audience updated on what's happening with his music career. Jae24k currently have 22k followers on instagram working toward the big million. He uses his sense of humor to draw in the crowd then convert them to fans with his music. He also specialize in music production and videography. Jae24k is very independent and can blend in Almost any scenery you put him in.

Jae24k just released a single ''Yo gotti'' April 3rd 2019 on all platforms and he is currently working on a visual for it. After the video drop he will be putting on more shows promoting the hit single. Jae24k stage presence is amazing he engage with the crowd and maintain there attention with the great energy he showcases up there. He is workin on building a bigger fanbase then eventually he will come out with a mixtape and after that he plan on touring.


Jae24k - Yo Gotti ( Official Audio)


Jae24k - Jungle ( Official Audio)


Jae24k - Drip (Interview)





Hiphop Season

The Voltage Lounge The Cave

The Pyramid

The Sherman Living room

Music Videos

Jae24k - I aint worry about that (Official Music Video)


Kashmire - Castro Ft Jae24k (Official Music Video)





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