Quadrilateral By:karleigh Robinson

Quadrilaterals are any 4 sided polygon

Square: 4 sides and 4 90 degree angles all sides must be equal length.

Rectangle:Opposite sides equal and parallel and four right angle


Rombus:With all sides equal and opposite sides parallel

Parallelogram:Exactly two set of parallel sides

Trapezoid:Exactly one set of parallel sides

NOW I Have a worksheet for you

Now I have a worksheet for you. If you have any questions or trouble raise your hand and I will be right with you. THANK YOU😜😜🤗🤗😎😎


Created with images by hifijohn - "metallic wires grids" • Cea. - "[ L ] Sol LeWitt - Parallelogram (1979)" • RichardStep.com - "trapezoid-blank-shape-richardstep-009"

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