Winter Band Concert 2020 Fremont high school Bands

Welcome to the Fremont High School Winter Band Concert featuring our Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble

Oh the things we hit....Percussion Ensemble is a multi-purpose class. Students work on percussion techniques while preparing music to perform as a percussion ensemble as well and playing with the Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble. The variety of repertoire for percussion is vast, new and exciting.

John Lennon Holiday Medley

This medley of two of John Lennon's most popular songs has been arranged as a tribute to the holiday season. Although the selected songs' timeless message about peace and goodwill toward men is appropriate all year round, it seems especially poignant during the holidays. This year especially with the global pandemic, and political strain and civil unrest, we hope for peace, love, understanding.

Christmas Eve Sarejevo 12:24

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 is an instrumental medley of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen and Shchedryk - better known as the Ukrainian Bell Carol, first released on the Savatage album Dead Winter Dead in 1995 as "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)." It was re-released by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a side project of several Savatage members, on their 1996 debut album Christmas Eve and Other Stories. The piece describes a lone cello player (based on Vedran Smailović) playing a forgotten Christmas carol in war-torn Sarajevo. This is our rendition, hoping always that our performances will lift the spirits of those who are present with us. This tradition is in the spirit of finding beautiful moments in all circumstances.

Jazz Band

Our Jazz Band is setup as a traditional Jazz "Big Band". Standard instrumentation includes Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets and a Rhythm Section. Music performed includes jazz standards made known in the early development of this American art-form. A unique aspect of jazz is the art of improvising. Students who perform solos will be improvising. In other words, they make it up on the spot. You are witnessing the creation of NEW MUSIC in real-time. What a privilege it is to share in this experience with our amazing students.

Comfort and Joy

Arranger Rick Hirsch gave the holiday favorite God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen an upbeat Swing and Latin facelift. Our performance features solos by Kadence Anglesey (tenor sax), Hyrum Buck (alto sax) and Cole Starkey (piano).

Big Noise from the North Pole arr. Mike Collins-Dowden

Jingle Bells meets Big Noise from Winnetka, complete with minor key and the drummer laying down a Krupa groove! It swings hard from top to bottom and is very clever. Mr. Bradshaw (or as the kids have been calling him lately "Santa-shaw) is taking on the drums for this performance.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is comprised of talented young woodwind, brass, and percussion students at Fremont. Under the direction of Mr. Jacob Bradshaw, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble embraces a diverse array of wind band literature, ranging from the core repertoire to the newest works from contemporary composers. The Symphonic Band is primarily made of sophomores and has only been a performance ensemble at Fremont High for the last 2 years.

Angels in the Bleak Midwinter arr: Larry Clark

In this gorgeous holiday medley, your will get to hear not only Gustav Holst's hauntingly lovely In the Bleak Midwinter, but also the joyous Angels We Have Heard on High.

African Bell Carol arr. Robert W. Smith

This is a truly unique setting of a holiday classic. Robert W. Smith has set Carol of the bells with African style percussion. Its creates a wonderful experience.

All is Calm arr. Robert W. Smith

In another piece arranged by Robert W. Smith, The cherished carol Silent Night is found here in a serene, slightly contemporary setting that is in a word, magnificent. The delicate, soothing lines are a seamless match to the understated elegance of the carol. Allowing for great flexibility in performance, solo parts are offered for any member of the band. With this flexibility we are featuring many members of our ensemble. Our first, off-stage soloist is to represent all who we wish could be here with us. 

Wind Ensemble

The Fremont Wind Ensemble is a select concert band, designed for high-level, artistic, public performances of major literature for winds and percussion, accomplished through the development and refinement of high-level ensemble skills. This ensemble is contributing to the three-hundred year legacy of concert band music in the western world. Sensitivity to outstanding musicianship, historical styles, and appropriate performance practices is expected. In addition to the highest expectations as an instrumentalist, their ability to apply intellect and spirit in meaningful ways during rehearsals and concerts is also demanded. Skills developed in the Wind Ensemble transfer to all other ensemble types. Membership in the Fremont Wind Ensemble is open to any student who qualifies through audition.

Greensleeves arr. Alfred Reed

It is generally agreed that the melody we know as Greensleeves is probably the second oldest piece of secular music in our Western culture, its origins having been traced back to about 1360. While we are not certain this was the original title, it is known that in the latter 14th century, English ladies wore gowns with great billowing sleeves, and the lyrics that have come down to us speak of a lover's lament over his lady's cruel treatment of him by a lady clad in a dress of green sleeves.

By the time of William Shakespeare, this song had already become a classic and he made use of it in two of his plays, most notably in the Merry Wives of Windsor. Over 300 years later, the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams used this melody as an intermezzo between two acts of his opera Sir John in Love, which was based on the same play. Since then the tune has been adapted as the basis for at least one Christmas carol (What Child Is This?), several popular songs, and even by the Swingle Singers on one of their albums. In addition, it has been performed instrumentally by groups of all sizes and styles from full symphony orchestra to small jazz and rock groups.

This arrangement is a symphonic development of this 600-year-old classic melody adapted for the full resources of the modern wind orchestra or concert band.

Diminished Minor Alterations by: David Lovian

Diminished Minor Alterations: Christmas Through the Looking Glass is a medley of favorite Christmas tunes, transposed from major to minor keys, then disguised, layered and morphed even more. From the ominous Deck the Halls at the start to the final, frenzied Nutcracker Suite finale, each tune is lovingly twisted into something new and inventive.

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing arr: Randall Standridge

Randall Standridge chose this reverent yet somewhat sad-sounding hymn to arrange for band in honor of the life and influence of his grandmother, who passed away in 2012. Standridge states,

After her death, I found myself unable to write/compose for some time. It was during this time of grief I began writing this setting of my favorite hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. The piece took me over a year to compose, a year I spent dealing with my grief and intensely studying the pieces that I feel represent the very best hymn-song settings in the concert band repertoire. I have never labored so long on a piece of music, but I felt this one had to be as close to perfect as I could manage. I find the words and meaning behind this beautiful hymn to be especially meaningful ... it is from them, our parents, and all our forbearers from which the blessings of our lives flow.

Moving from moments of quiet beauty though hugely magnificent waves of sound, this powerful arrangement is a great example of the expressiveness and power that can be achieved by a fine concert band work. The final statement of the hymn tune melody by a solo clarinet wraps up this memorable hymn tune arrangement in a reverent, quiet way.

THANK YOU to: Michael Wooden and Michael Edlefson, our Jr High Band Directors. You willingly put noisemakers in the hands of kids and manage to create beautiful music. Thank you to Michele Perry, our amazing principal and to Jeffrey Marchant, Mike Brown and Alicia Mitchell, our Assistant Principals. Thanks to Geoff Anderson, Amber Taylor, Courtney Christensen and Aubrey Obray for their camaraderie and support. They all have gone way above and beyond to help us have performances this year. Sadly our theater department has yet to have a performance this school year. All of these people l contribute to the success of the band program. Their support does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you to the other teachers and staff members at Fremont. We have an amazing team of educators and staff members that love and support your kids. Thank you parents and loved ones, your support helps your student achieve many great things, including this performance.

We are excited you came to join us tonight and look forward to future concerts together. Thank you for your support.


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