The Beast By Rachel P

A chaotic ringing phone entered my ears; pulling it close, a strange mysterious voice tells me to go outside, follow the garden path, and find the beast.

I repeated the steps in my mind, “First, I must go outside, then follow the garden path, and find the beast."

The stormy, cold night gave me shivers as I hung up the phone.

“Well, I should probably do what the spooky man instructed,” I thought to myself.

Over the porch outside my house, I meandered cautiously toward the garden.

Reaching the path, I could feel my heart pounding.

If it was my choice I wouldn't be here, however, this needed to be done.

Quickly, I called my friend Victoria and yelled, “Victoria, come over right now and help me!”

The garden path, usually a peaceful place, was now the scariest.

Victoria said, “Let’s go forth and be done with this nonsense.”

Victoria acted very brave while walking the path, but she actually might be scared inside.

Victoria, a confident young lady, picked up the beast, which was a rattlesnake with pride.

Victoria bellowed at the evil rattlesnake, “You shall never return here not even until February, 22, but until the end of time.

Full of anger, Victoria yelled once more, “Do not return to Sydney, Australia.

Finally, Victoria said her goodbyes to the wretched snake, “Dear disgusting snake, I hope to never hear your rattle again.”

In the garden, the fog and storm dispersed peacefully.


Created with images by Chrismatos ♥90% OFF, sorry - "Fog" • daoro - "Wallphone" • loppear - "A beautiful day for thinking outside" • chefranden - "Stormy Sky Texture" • PublicDomainPictures - "bubble caucasian thought" • vastateparksstaff - "porch cabin 1 Natural Tunnel State Park" • avatar-1 - "Narrow path" • NEC Corporation of America - "NEC-ext-39" • mrpbps - "Storm Front 9" • brianna.lehman - "scared" • skeeze - "rattlesnake viper reptile" • skeeze - "rattlesnake viper poisonous" • Matteo Catanese - "Rattlesnake" • FraukeFeind - "rattlesnake snake rattle" • fotshot - "garden flowers bushes"

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