WGPS January 2021 Newsletter

Welcome Back 2021

I hope everyone managed to enjoy Christmas and New Year despite the restrictions in their own way.

LiVE Lessons

Well the return hasn't been quite as we expected!! In response to the lockdown announcement on the 4.1.2021 we had online learning available for all of our children to access from the very next day as well as 4 hours of live, interactive taught lessons every day. We have been pioneering in our approach and we have provided the best live lessons across Barnsley as we are committed to our children not loosing out on learning. We are still delivering very interactive lessons which was complimented on by a IT Consultant that Mrs Binns, Mr Honeyman and Miss Maybury worked with this week - we are a handful of school that are delivering such high quality teaching across the country in this difficult time.

The lessons are very different from the March lockdown where the children choose from a menu of activities. This time we wanted to replicate the high quality lessons that we have in school live - this means that the children are in direct contact with the teacher who can give advice and support to all children either as a group or individually. We are following our accelerated learning approach which is a five part lesson where children collaborate with each other to answer questions, we solve problems, develop their skills & knowledge along with applying this in a demo activity. The children still choose the level of activity they like to start at and then they can challenge themselves with the next level. Children then post their work online for the adults to mark and comment on

All live lessons are recorded and put onto seesaw for anyone who wants to watch it again or needs to access it later in the day.

All of our children have adapted so well and are such a credit to you all. Our registers from teams and seesaw show us that we are having 97% uptake in lessons and the children are working hard to make sure the quality is still the same as it would be in normal lessons, Thank you!

We understand that life can be somewhat challenging at times and we always want to help in whatever ways that we can - just get in touch!

Public Health Questionnaire

The Public Health team want to find out how children and young people of Barnsley have been feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic and we have developed a very short survey (only 14 questions) to help us gather that information

To go to the survey click the link below:

Take me to the survey

Who can complete the survey?

We want to hear from all school age children and young people living in Barnsley (up to age 25 for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND))

If you are under 13 years of age you will need a parent or carer to give their permission to complete the survey.

Parents and carers: you may want help your child to answer the questions in the survey if they are younger or need any extra support.

Those who are 13 years or older can complete the survey alone.

Why do you want to know how I’m feeling?

Our emotional health and wellbeing is more important than ever and we want to help you to take care of it.

The information we get from this survey will help us to decide how to support children and young people as best we can through this difficult time.

Who will see my answers?

The survey will be completely anonymous and the questions have been worded so that there will be no personal information that may identify you.

A link to the full privacy notice is included at the top of the survey which offers more detail on how we will use the data.

I have already done this survey before

Day by day different things are happening and situations keep on changing, which is why we would like it if you can do this survey more than once so we can see how your feelings change over time.

If you would like to find out about what emotional wellbeing support there is available locally please visit our new hub pages:

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Hub - Children & Young People

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Hub - Adults, Parents & Carers


Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6

The amazing work above was done by Florence in Miss Seymours class this week - in year 1, we have been building our skills to write instructions on how to look after a dinosaur egg. We looked after it ourselves now it has gone to other children to look after along with our instructions.
Miss Chadaways class have also been extremely busy with their home learning!
We loved seeing you have fun in the snow!


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