HALLOWEEN By Eathan Tranate

Halloween is a holiday that everyone knows about. Every year people dress up, go out at night to have fun, and go trick or treating.
Halloween was first known as a festival for celebrating the end of summer, and when the dead comes back for one night. Everyone celebrates in their own way each year that goes by.
Costumes are a way to dress up at night from scary and funny, to light-hearted beloved characters that are well-known. It is way to have fun with family and friends to walk the long night or party.
Giving candy is very common tradition among the kids and adults.


Created with images by NeONBRAND - "untitled image" • Salvador Altamirano - "Catrina´s parade in México City" • Frank Busch - "Children with a wolf mask and a darth vader mask" • Vishnu Mk - "untitled image"