Life In Tajikistan Lutfillo's Story


The location of Tajikistan affects the country because it has a warm climate which can make it easier for crops to dry out. The warm weather also causes insects like Mosquitoes to come to the country. These mosquitoes cause malaria throughout the country. Other bacteria's are in Tajikistan which causes contaminated water and airborne diseases. The bacteria causes a high risk of disease. Another thing that affects this country is the fact that they are landlocked which does not allow them to easily ship their natural resources and goods around the world to make a profit. In addition the mountains in Tajikistan have a cold climate at the top which also affects crops. Although they are a developing nation and cannot ship their goods they are neighbors to Asia which contains developed nations such as china. This allows them to trade with these developed nations.

Where Tajikistan Is Located In Relation To Other Countries


The history of slave trade in Tajikistan connects to the poverty/being a developing nation because usually with slave trades happening later this means that their development started later. “The Tajikistan people came under Russian rule in the 1860s and 1870s, but Russia's hold on Central Asia weakened following the Revolution of 1917. Bands of indigenous guerrillas (called "basmachi") fiercely contested Bolshevik control of the area, which was not fully reestablished until 1925.” This quote is showing how the Tajikistan People had a slave trade that has ended only 25 years ago, so they will still be developing. Another thing is that they were under Soviet rule until recently, so this made them under developed so far, because they have not had the chance to develop.

A Group of Tajikistan Slaves


Health related issues show Tajikistan as a Developing Nation. To start, there are about 8,330,000 people currently living in Tajikistan. The country only spends 6.9% of their GDP on Health related usage. Because of this, bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, and many other major diseases are running rapid throughout the country. To add on, 13.3% of kids under the age of 5 are underweight. This shows that the country is still developing, because they are allowing/not able to do anything about these diseases running through their country. If Tajikistan was developed, it would have medication and the financial resources to slow down or even stop these diseases.

A Graph That Shows The Percentage of How Much of The Country's GDP Goes Toward Health Expenditures


Something that causes Tajikistan to not be fully developed is that the government keeps secrets from the people. This does not allow the country to function because the leaders may do something that the people may not want. This can cause conflict and even war. Most things are kept secret by the government. Something else that affects the country is that the President has been in power for over 24 years. Although they did change the rule so that the he does not have as much power he can still be leader for as long as he wants. This causes problems because people will not get to vote in a new president if they do not like him until he wants it leave.

The President of Tajikistan: Emomali Rahmon


The peace affects this country being a developing nation because there is a lot of drugs being trafficked so this can cause violence and other things. This violence and drugs affect the peace because violence will stop the government and country from being able to develop. I know that there is a lot drugs because there is 100-200 tons of heroin was transported over the border in 2005. There have not been many wars, but the one war that has happened lasted one year. They are not developed because they were under communist rule for a while and thus thwarted the development. The Civil War had put the country even farther back because they needed to spend money on the war which will thwart the development even more.

A Group of Soldiers In The Tajikistan Army

Which "P" Is Most Effective:

Tajikistan’s Past has affected it the most. The country only got it's independence in 1991, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. This means that the country has only had 25 years to develop, and is still considered developing. Regardless of all the other “P’s”, it has only existed short amount of time, which is why it's past has affected it the most. Because of this late start, and the over-rule of the Soviet Union, the people of Tajikistan have not been able to start/maintain a sustainable city, economy, or work. Tajikistan’s mere 25 years is not nearly a sufficient amount of time for a country to develop, and this is because of the country's past.

Tajikistan's Location On A Global Scale

Why Lutfillo Deserves The Loan:

Lutfillo would make a good candidate because his daughter is in need of a life saving surgery. He can not afford the surgery and he is trying to keep his daughter alive. Lutfillo lives in Tajikistan, which is 129th most developed country. Lutfillo is very hard working and works as much as he can in order to help his family. He is very kind and will do whatever it takes to help his daughter. The country he lives in is very poor and many other people struggle just like he does. The goal that it supports is Goal 3 (Good Health and Well Being), as his daughter needs surgery to become healthy once again.

Lutfillo's KIVA Page | Explaining His Situation

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