Litzzy Arciniega-Mena Science and things about my life

My name is Litzzy am 11 years old am in 6th grade this years is being amazing because am experimenting new thing and learning new things about science.The best thing that i like about science is that you have to do projects that's very cool because you are learning things that you don't know about science. One time in science we have to do a project, on that project we have to make a boat and see if it float that time was very memorable for me because it was one of my best experience in my life, very fun and exiting. In that project I learned things because when we were doing the project i was wondering of how the boat was going to float and how is going so fast in the water that's why i like science that was mi favorite project that i have done.

One of my favorite sport is soccer my second is volleyball my third one is basketball.

My family is my everything because they are always there for me and supporting me they always help me on things that I need help with.

My favorite color is red. and green


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