The New Normal How COVID-19 is impacting life on and off campus for NCAA members

On March 12, 2020, a new normal began to form within college athletics. The NCAA canceled the remaining winter and spring championships due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Seasons and careers ended in the blink of an eye. Schools across the country and all three divisions shifted completely to remote learning. Schedules and routines were turned upside down. Many student-athletes were forced to move home, away from their teammates, coaches and vital support staff members. Everyone has had to adjust since then. Below are first-hand accounts of exactly how some of those groups have done so.

"The biggest part student-athletes missed from this event was the networking experience. We were undeterred by this obstacle, however."
"They knew they did not have to do it alone."
"We are all looking forward to getting back to the starting line so we can begin to enjoy the theatrics that races bring to our athletes and the neurological development that ultimately enhances the overall collegiate educational journey."
"I believe in the unique healing power of sport in our lives, our communities and our world."
"Life continues, and nothing is going to get in the way of us enjoying these moments."
"Knowing you are not alone in your struggle and that it is OK to feel and discuss however you are feeling is essential for student-athletes as athletes and as people."
"We will never look at a season the same way again. We are ready to come back better than before."
"Although you may have expended all of your eligibility, being a student-athlete is something that never truly leaves you."
"We all are in a situation of grave discomfort and uncertainty that affects not only the people we know but also the global community. I encourage everyone to be kind and stay connected to the people around you."
"We understand that we cannot make it through this pandemic without the support of one another."
"This interruption is pushing us to expand our toolboxes and continue to be resilient because that is what we do."
"Right now, the two biggest recommendations that I am making to athletes are twofold. The first is to create a routine. The second is to reach out for help and support."
"Collaborative decision-making and the collective patience to do what is best for the health and safety of our student-athletes must prevail."
"There will still be a loss of many things from COVID-19 — I knew that feeling then and know it now — but we will emerge anew."
"...something that has given me a bit of comfort during this pandemic is that the entire world is in this together."
"At Concordia (California), we will continue to work through this together, with a mindset to provide all the support we can to continue to provide more wise, honorable and cultivated citizens into the world."
"We are learning so much more about one another. We would be wise to take this time and use these newly developed relationships to our advantage."
"As a staff, we have been working on ways to stay engaged with our athletes. From contacting them to check in to sharing funny TikTok videos we made for them, we make sure to stay connected."
"I always pride myself on living by example for my students. So I’m choosing to stick to a routine, grant myself grace and get better every day."
"Living authentically takes practice; we still must choose our mindset each day."
"Together, we can do this. We are strong. We are courageous. We are decisive. We are determined. We are resilient. Together, we are a team, a family, a nation."
"While I am super proud of my staff and student-athletes for how they have adjusted to life during a truly scary pandemic, I pray every day that it ends soon and we can all return to “normal” life."
"Overall, COVID-19 has made me rethink things I thought I knew for certain. No longer will I take my autonomy and social/human contact for granted."
"While I am super proud of my staff and student-athletes for how they have adjusted to life during a truly scary pandemic, I pray every day that it ends soon and we can all return to “normal” life."
"Grief is confusing and hard but also provides opportunities for beautiful reminders of what we still have."
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