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I chose to make a connection with Nature for this assignment.

My assignment involved creating a clay loom with impressions from nature. I used earth tones throughout and incorporated natural objects when possible.

Step one was to roll out out a clay slab using a heavy maple rolling pin and wooden guide strips to control thickness. I rolled my slab to 1/2 inch thick. Next, I used the fettling knife to both cut the outside shape and the inside opening.

I also used natural objects, sticks, twigs, leaves and dried blooms to press into the clay. I used the end of the stick to add some stippling effect so the areas that did not have an impression wouldn't be too plain. I then used the back of the needle tool to create holes for both the loom and to tie twine on when finished.

It was important to go around the edges with a damp sponge to keep from having any rough edges.
Impressions and holes in wet clay
I then allowed the clay to dry and fired it at Cone 04.
fired loom
I then used 100 grit sandpaper to sand down the edges as well as the holes. I did not want rough edges to hurt hands or cut my twine that I would be using for my warp.

I then rinsed the piece to remove any residue from sanding and began to glaze the piece with a 1/4 inch brush. I used a color called Pagota Green in the negative space, Freckled Brown on the twig impressions (using a detailer tube), and Peacock Green on the leaf and dried bloom impression.

Next I warped the loom with thick twine and began weaving with a variegated earth tone standard sized yarn. I continued alternating with a tweed yarn, also earth tones and standard sized. I used the same thick twine as the warp and some 'chunky' yarn in the weaving as well.
Work in progress - notice the hole on the top right of the warp... that was to hold the end of the twine that I tried to use in a decorative knot on the side. I ended up having to tape the twine on the back to get that tail to stay put!
After finishing the weaving in the clay loom, i strung my entire project to my homemade foam board loom to get better stability when tying my decorative small bleached twine.
clay loom on foam board loom
Next I tied on my decorative bleached twine and added the stick to hang it by.
almost finished assignment - 19"H x 11"W total size
Below...the Final assignment after staining the warp twine to blend better with the natural colors in the rest of the piece (thanks for the suggestion friends!)
finished assignment - 19"H x 11"W total size
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