Commencement 2017

Nearly 5,000 Broncos participated in the Cal Poly Pomona commencement ceremonies, making the short walk across the stage that leads to opportunities and challenges.

This College of Business Administration grad proudly wears her accomplishment and a huge smile.
"We are known as global leaders in hospitality education because of graduates like you," Dean Lea Dopson told the gathering at The Collins College of Hospitality Management.
There's the moment of anticipation (above left), the pride after getting a diploma (above middle), the absolute joy of realizing the accomplishment (above right) and the collective exultation as the event nears its conclusion (top).
Graduates share their big moment in many ways, above and top.

This year marked the 50th birthday of the ceremonial University Mace. The Cal Poly Pomona mace was designed and constructed by art professors Walter Glaser and Karl Winchell in 1967 and is used for every commencement. It is considered a great honor to be selected to carry the mace at the front of the procession.

Dr. Martin Sancho-Madriz, Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Dr. Hany Farran, College of Engineering

Dr. Jose Aguilar-Hernandez, College of Education & Integrative Studies

Associate Professor Alyssa Lang, College of Environmental Design

Dr. Jeffery Guyse, College of Business Administration

Dr. Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers, College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences

Dr. Margie Ferree Jones, The Collins College of Hospitality Management

Dr. Edward Walton, College of Science

Graduates move the tassel from the right side of the mortarboard to the left to signify the official awarding of their degree.

In the video above, President Soraya M. Coley instructs the newly minted graduates in the fine art of tassle-turning.

College of Science soon-to-be graduates gather north of the University Quad to begin their processional.
They Did It!
The College of Business Administration ceremony (above) was the largest of the eight commencements, with 1,176 graduates and more than 12,000 family and friends filling the University Quad to celebrate their achievement.

In case you missed it and are in a hurry: See the College of Business Administration's commencement in just 30 seconds.

The emotion of the Big Event might have left some speechless, but many let their caps do the talking. The sentiments were as varied as the graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

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