Ñembi Guasu the youngest protected area, and the most affected by the fire

Ñembi Guasu

Has been consolidated through the Indigenous Autonomy of Charagua Iyambae, it has more than 2,471,000 acres of well-preserved Chaco dry forest, with a great biodiversity that includes flora and fauna.

Among the species that live there, the most iconic is the jaguar, also the cougar and a very interesting nocturnal monkey, but we also have evidence of that 100 mammals species and 300 birds species are living in this area

It is also the territory of a group of the Ayoreo indigenous nation, which remains in voluntary isolation.

Unfortunately, because of the fires that have been occurring in Bolivia in recent weeks, we are very sorry to report that around 988.422 acres of the Ñembi Guasu Protected Area have been affected.

In a 100 kilometer of the road, the fire have consumed both sides of the road, if you can imagine how was before, there were small bushes, palm groves and typical vegetation of the Chaco ecosystem with a transition to Chiquitano dry forest.

Losing these vegetation cover, has left large empty spaces, where there is only sand left, modifying the soil properties, making it susceptible for degradation, and for post fire erosion.

The negative fire impacts, are going to modify the hydrological cycle, decreasing the water retention and the infiltration rate; the lack of vegetation cover will make it worse.

In addition, there a serious negative effect on the fauna, we have no idea at what extend will affect her. We also do not know the situation of the Ayoreo population that is in a voluntary isolation, it is necessary to been able to quantify their situation.

The dry season in the Chaco and Chiquitanía extends until November and December, so the risk of fires continues.

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