Preparing for Final Exams means more than just studying, Before you hit the books, get ready to be ready. These 4 steps will help you zero in on success.



Not all finals are created equal and you should not prepare for them that way. In which classes will your Final Exam grade mean the most for your overall grade? Start there. Spend more time on the ones that matter most. SUPERCHARGE YOUR STUDY GUIDE to help better understand what you already know and what you need to study.


The most important resource you have is time. Organize it! You know studying a little bit each day is a better option than waiting until the last minute. Check out this study calendar you can customize.

When's the last time you looked at the bottom of your locker, in the back of your folder, side pocket of your backpack or at past pages of notes? Before re-reading your textbook or notes, get organized. Separate your materials by class and group them together. Put them in the order in which you did them in class. Label things with chapter names, unit titles, key words or concepts.


Visual organizers are the best way to go beyond re-reading your text or notes. Use VISUAL ORGANIZERS to create relationships between the information you are learning. Charts and graphs help give deeper meaning to facts and figures.


For each key term you need to know, go one step further: Can you relate that information to other concepts in the class? Most Finals will not ask you, for example, if George Washington was the first president. They will inquire about his contributions to defining the role of President for those that followed. Index cards, each with a key term or concept, are a great way to practice making connections between those terms and concepts